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Soi 3 in Nana sukhumvit is a fantastic place to meet freelancers from Russia (Soviet Union), African girls and of course Thai. Also, a great place to have Arabic, Iranian and Indian cuisine.

This soi is a best fit for people who are looking for girls from Soviet union countries and some African countries. There are girls from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, some African countries and of course Thai girls and Laos.

Grace hotelone of the most famous and spiciest places for Arabic’s with a very famous and extraordinary lobby area. This hotel boasts not only for its hotel rooms or food but also for it’s lobby because of the pretty Russians and Thai freelancers who come here to hook up with Arabs, Indians and Pakistanis. The freelancers might be expensive and the price may go more than $100 -$150 for just one night. 

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However there are chances when you meet a girl who can also go for $50 for short time. Usually the girls here get picked up by tourists or rich Arabs and also stay with the same guy for few days or depending on their availability.

Smoke a hookah in the lobby, drink a beer in the restaurant and hook up with girls! It’s like you have found a heaven in Bangkok. The foreign girls are all living illegally in Thailand and live under the control of Mama San (Mafia for Prostitution in Thailand).
Right opposite this hotel, there is a famous Bamboo bar with a live band and a lot of Thai and Russian girls. The bar is not too expensive and a beer might cost around $5. This bar is famous for its restaurant and also the hookah corner in a small room with a TV. 
The entry for guys is 200 baht around ($7) and for girls it’s free just like every place in Bangkok. The girls are all freelancers which can be picked from the disco for a range of prices. If you are lucky then you might as well get someone for free.
However, some girls can also come for 1500baht ($50) for a night. The prices can change depending on a lot of things like beauty or their availability and willingness. A bottle of black label would cost around 2000 baht – 2500 baht ($80-$90). You have to order mixtures along with that which could cost another 1000baht ($30), surely some places in Bangkok are quite expensive, but compared to the fun you are going to have you can’t compare it with money.
They also have sexy coyote dancers who show their moves every half which is enough to keep you drinking more. Old pool tables in one corner of the disco doesn’t attract a lot of people but the live band and the girls surely does have an impact on tourists especially Arabics, South Asians and some white guys too.
Other than these places, this street has Middle Eastern restaurants, some street restaurants selling falafals which doesn’t cost a lot and of course a lot of freelancers from Soviet Union countries and Thais. I guess if you have been reading my blog then you would know the price of the hookers in this area, so I will assume that you know it already.

Next week we are going to talk about soi 11 – a famous place with a lot of bars. From Australian bars  to some really fancy ones. Stay in touch for more fun!




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