Soi 4 nana | Bangkok Go Go dancers

Soi 4 / street 4 in sukhumvit road Bangkok is by no doubt one of the naughtiest place in Thailand.

As soon as you are in that soi you will find many freelancers on one side of the road and pubs on the other side. 
One of the naughtiest girls could be found in stumble inn. Not very expensive however the bar girls are quite naughty. 
Fun starts around 8 in the evening and continues late until night. Freelancers and bar girls are available here as well just like any other place in this soi.
Less than 100 meters down this street in the same side is nana plaza. It is not one of the naughtiest place but it is certainly the naughtiest place in Bangkok. 
There are girls, lady boys everywhere in this plaza. Whatever that makes you happy or satisfied. There are bars with go go dancers in every place. The competition is massive in nana plaza making it cheap for the customers. 
A beer costs around 160 baht ($5-$7) with a lot of  Go Go dancers to entertain, who sometimes dresses like a French maid and seduces or sometimes as a typical Thai girl seducing with the other girls or if you are lucky they will ask you to come on the table and all you have to do is to sit on one of the chairs and they will do the rest of the thing. It happened with one of my friends who was asked by the Go Go dancers to come on the stage and it was absolutely fabulous.

The girls entertain the crowd late until night and almost all bars are open until 3 a.m. One of the famous one in nana plaza is spankys. It’s quite famous among the Expat community probably because of the beautiful girls. Well I have to say that there is also one on the first floor but unfortunately I forgot the name of that place. There are Go GO dancers in every club you go here and it’s like heaven in earth for people who want to get naughty with Thai girls.

Opposite nana plaza – it’s a place for freelancers who are willing to go according to their availability and price. It gets quite pricey sometimes depending on the tourists season, but still wont be very expensive. Easily you could find a girl for $100 for a night but you could also hook up with girls who are willing to live with you for a longer period of time.

For 2-3 weeks stay they might demand $500- $1000 only if they can stay for a longer term similar to the cost of the bar girls.

This soi is full of sports pub with happy hours starting in the afternoon and until early evening. Some pubs also have ladies night on special days. One of the pubs in this soi/street is strikers sports pub with pool tables and Thai, british and American cuisine and of course ladies. They host events like pool tournaments and coyote dance shows as well which can be intimidating.

There dance shows have dancers from up country Isaan – famous among elderly Westerners who come and live in Thailand with their partners. These girls can get quite intense with some topics and are completely illiterate, however they have one good feature that they have a fantastic body.

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