African Freelancers in Bangkok

Bangkok has been a place for a lot of African, Russians & Middle-eastern girls but in the recent past there has been a lot of African girls in Thailand or lets say Bangkok. They usually amble in the streets of sukhumvit around Nana (street 3). They could be found in soi 3 in Grace hotel’s lobby. Grace hotel’s lobby has long been a place for Russians, Iranians, Turkish, Soviet Union girls and of course Africans.
They might be a little pricey over there, but if you pick them up from the streets of sukhumvit they are around 1500 baht for long time which means for the whole night. Most of the people I know pick them up from the corner of soi 13 (street 13) with lots of small street bars and African Ladies. The beer over there is way cheaper then a beer in a disco costing around 120 baht ($4) for a big bottle of beer and the best thing is that you are sitting in open, around lots of freelancers.
Always be careful before talking to African girls as they have Mama San around looking after the girls and do not misbehave with them. African girls are usually friendly and not too expensive as compared to other foreign girls available. The best part about African girls are that they are fluent in English and you can have a good conversation with them. Isually go out with Kenyans and Nigerians because most of them that I’ve met here in Bangkok are from here or maybe it’s what they say.

Soi 3/Soi 5/ Nana junction African Girls

African girls are also in some discos in soi 3 (street 3) called Bamboo, and soi 5 gullivers, soi 11, and soi 12 (Insanity).They are also found standing opposite this disco waiting for customers. If you walk a little further down this soi or street towards Nana junction and then turn left towards soi 3/1, you will find heaps of African girls sitting in that area waiting for the right man for the night. This place is just amazing as there are lots of them and most of them seem to be sitting idle. The going price might be around 1500 baht ($50) to 2200 baht ($75) depending on their availability as well. It could go down as well if you can bargain.

Recently, I have seen that African girls are also found in many discos like levels, climax (soi 11/street 11), insanity in soi 12. So, they’re definitely increasing their numbers these days.

Soi 11 African girls

The other place where you can find African girls are in the corner of soi 11 or street 11 in sukhumvit. They are all sitting in one corner of the street calling people. This whole strip goes until soi 17 where you can find a mix of Thais and Africans . However, African girls are generally until soi 13 where they sit around drinking cheap beers from the street bars and waiting for a lucky one who could join her.

Other than these places you can find African girls online as well, if you are planning to hook up with them before you come to Thailand. My previous blog about online girls in Bangkok have a list of dating sites which can help you to find a good girl or a girlfriend depending on what you want.


  1. thanks a ton brother , i intend to travel to bkk next week and hope to discover ebony girls at all the spots u mentioned , on the website they are frightfully expensive

  2. Most of the Ebony girls now hang around the nana station area or down Soi 4. Grace hotel can be a hit or miss. I was there in February this year (2019).


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