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Soapy massage parlors in Bangkok

List of Top massage parlors in Petchburi Road (Bangkok). Although, Bangkok has many massage parlors in Rama 9 road or in ratchada road but there is definitely no comparisons to the ones that I’m going to tell you now.



Starting with my favorite:

Biwa Massage Parlor

It is at the end of Petchburi road at Khlong Tan intersection right next to the flyover. It has more than 100 girls and rooms but most of the girls are booked on phone in advance. The girls cost 1000 baht ($35) and 1300($45) baht and are comparatively cheaper and provide way better service than other massage parlors. It’s for 2 hours and the girls do everything you want them to do unlike some other places.

Girls are not allowed to use their mobile phones which make it great for the customers and don’t even ask for additional tips. That’s why it’s top of my list.
Address: 15 New Petchburi Rd, Huay-kwang, Huay-kwang, Bangkok 10310, Thailand.

Time Duration: 2 Hours

This is the pic of how it looks inside.



Angelina Massage:

Again very famous massage parlor in Bangkok. It’s on Petchburi road next to Bangkok hospital (Dental). Girls cost:

  • 1300 baht ($40)
  • 1500 baht ($47).

Frequently visited by foreigners, so the girls are quite friendly. Comparatively big, spacious and clean rooms over here.

Address: 2355 New Petchburi rd, Huay-kwang, Huay-kwang, Bangkok, 10310, Thailand.
NOTE: There is one Mama-san guy who speaks English quite well over here who could advice you some girls according to your wants.
Time duration – 2 hours

Avita Massage:

It is on Petchburi road around 50 meters further down Foodland (supermarket). It is a little expensive – Here are the prices for girls:

  • 1500 baht ($53)
  • 2100 baht ($70)
  • 2300 baht ($75)
  • 2700 baht ($90)

Decent size bed and room with a clean bath tub.
Address: 2455 New Petchburi Road, Huay- kwang, Bangkapi, Bangkok, 10310, Thailand.
Time duration – 2 hours

Hawai Massage Parlor:

It’s in the corner of Petchburi road soi 47 ( street 47 / name: Soi soon vijai) behind theseven eleven. Not many girls but it’s frequently visited by foreigners. Small rooms and small bath available.

The girls costs around:

  • 1000 baht ($33)
  • 1200 baht ($40)
  • 1600 baht ($55)

Address: 2351 New Petchburi Rd, Huay-kwang, huay- kwang, Bangkok, 10310, Thailand.
Time duration – Around 1.5 hours

Porn Petch Massage Parlor

It’s a very Thai massage parlor in Petchburi road about about 100metres before Soi Soon Vijai or street number 41 in Petchburi Road. Its green in color and has entrance from the back side and also from Petchburi Road side.




I personally don’t like to go to this massage parlor but few months back the Mama san said that they have a lot of customers coming because of a new addition of “Thai Girls – called Models which are more young” in the parlor. They are young, energetic 18-28 year old beautiful girls that costs you around 1600 baht roughly ($55). But they are worth the cost as some of them are completely new to business. Check this place out guys, its fantastic.
Rooms are not bad but Bathtubs and beds are small.

Time Duration – 2 hours

Christina massage

It’s on Petchburi road just before RCA ( Royal City Avenue). Mid-size massage with 30 – 40 girls. Most of them are old except for few and the pimps would force you to go with the young ones. However, my experience with a young girl wasn’t very good as she kept on talking on the phone and wasn’t concentrating on what she was supposed to do. The rooms and bed are quite small. The cost I am not sure as I went there in 2011 but it should be around 100 baht ( $35) or more.

Time duration – Not sure

S-Botan Massage

Its on rama 6 road in the corner of soi 13 ( street 13). Flat cost of 1000 baht ($35) for every girl but not very good service. Rooms are small and dingy with a very unusual small size bed. The girls average age around 30 – 34 years and they have around 40-50 girls. They also have steam, sauna and traditional Thai massage.

Time duration – 1.5 hours

This was just a small list of thousands of fantastic soapy massage parlors in Bangkok. Keep in touch to know more about the nightlife in Bangkok.

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