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A Guide to Bar Girls Bangkok

Thai Bar Girls have the best body with a great way of attracting people from around the world. They know exactly how to charm people who walk in to their bar. It’s pure business for them.

We will discuss about

  • Price of Hookers in Bangkok.
  • Places to find them (Downtown Sukhumvit, behind Siam Hotel, Silom Road, Pat Pong etc.)

Lets just start with bar girls which are in sukhumvit area ( downtown Bangkok ) entertaining Farangs ( foreigners).



Thai Bar Girls Price – How much could they cost?

Bar girls could cost anything between 1000 baht to 3000 baht ($35 to $100) depending on how good looking they are. Let’s break this down into categories:

  • Short time(1 time sex)

1500 Baht (bar girl price) + Bar fine (300 baht – 500 baht) + Hotel expense (150 baht – 800 baht) = 3000 baht approximate

  • Long time(Overnight)

3000 Baht (bar girl price) + Bar fine (500 baht + 700 baht) + Hotel expense (800 baht – 1200 baht)

  • Holiday Bar Girl

1 week – 10,000 baht – 15,000 baht + Bar fine (3,000 – 5,000 baht) + Other

2 weeks – 15,000 baht – 25,000 baht + Bar fine (5,000 – 10,000) + Other

Well this one way of finding a girl for yourself however, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t other better affordable ways.

You can find girls from the side of the street, they’re much better as they’re their own owners. You don’t have to get into the hassle of Bar fine etc. etc. All you have to do is talk to them in simple, plain English as what you want. The price could be negotiated and it depends on how you handle the situation.

The price completely depends on how beautiful they are? Let’s call this they way of life. The best is to ask the lady for a drink or two in a bar so that you have a better understanding of her which will help in sex as well.

Tip: Do not ask the right away “how much”. Buy the lady some drinks and take her to a nice place, have some stupid conversation and then ask her for spending long time with you in exchange pf money. It’s that simple, use common sense and it’s all possible to find a pretty lady at a much better price and sex.

Where to find Thai Bar Girls in Bangkok

  • Witthayu road – . They are freelancers and most of them have lazy thai boyfriends who just want to enjoy their life on their girlfriend’s money. I have seen it many times that their boyfriend drops them to this place and then the girls work until night. However, the girls never go for long time, they prefer to go for a short time and to a hotel which is nearby that location. Usually the girls cost around 1000 baht – 1500 baht  ($35 – $50). Its very quick as the girls go back to the same place after she is done with you. It wasn’t a very good experience for me but it was definitely worth a try.After a girl is done with you, there are guys waiting on the ground floor of the hotel for the girl and they drop the girl back to the same location in their motorbikes. Seems like a pretty good business for everyone.
  • Siam Hotel ( In petchburi road behind La bella massage parlor)  – This place used to be quite famous in old days but now it’s not that famous and is visited by Thais usually. The girls are prettier and of course more expensive. Before you go to this place make sure to tell the Mama San’s or the girls in detail about how long you want them to be with you and the price for it. Due to miscommunication many times people end up getting ripped by the freelancers. Girls might be a little bit expensive around 1500 baht to 3000 baht ($50 – $100 ).
  • Sukhumvit Road (Downtown Bangkok) –  Sukhumvit road has been the oldest place in Bangkok for foreigners. You won’t see many Thai men coming to this area which is quite strange. But it’s amazing that a huge majority of Freelancers in Sukhumvit Area don’t want to hook up with Thai men as they’ve had a bad experience with them in the past. Anyway a girl in sukhumvit could be found all the way from soi 3(street 3) right in front of Grace hotel until soi 19 (street 19).


  Soi 3 is usually for middle-east people but soi 4 (which is right opposite soi 3) is a European Soi (that’s what Thai’s say) with a lot of Bars and Nana plaza which is famous for it’s Go-Go bars. There are also some blow job bars in soi 4(street 4). Thai Freelancers stand right across the street opposite the bars and can cost you from 1500 baht – 3000 baht($50 – $100). Always make sure to discuss how much time you want the girl to spend with you as some girls in Thailand are quite picky about it.
Sukhumvit is very multi-cultural with some soi’s(streets) attracting people specifically from some countries for example street 3 is Arabic street and street 4 is European. Even though they’re across the streets. However, some streets like Street 11 is Multi-cultural. If you go to Ruam chit plaza in Soi 13 (Street 13) you will find beautiful, small, white skin Thai girls with mostly Japanese because it’s a Japanese entertaining area. Well you might find many African’s now if you fancy them. It was very surprising for me that girls over there could speak Japanese but can’t utter anything in English. So, I guess you should choose the best place suited for yourself.
  •  Pat Pong (Suriwong and Silom road) – This amazing place had a lot of stories in the past that I’ve heard from former American soldiers who used to come to Bangkok in 1970’s and 80’s. They’ve told me that girls used to take blow jobs in the middle of the street at that time but unfortunately it doesn’t happen anymore. However, there are still places like blowjob bars here and some other bars that provide short-time with the girls but the girls are not attractive at all. They’ve pat-pong shows where the girls would do some crazy shit like shooting table-tennis balls off her pussy or blowing a balloon with her pussy.

 Thai Bar Girls Nature

  • Remember that Thai bar girls are there only to make money – everything they do is pure business for them.
  • Some Thai bar girls are there to make money and sent it back home because they are from poor family but some girls are just there for fun – It’s more common among freelancers though. Many a times you’ll meet up with freelancers in the streets of sukhumvit who are willing to go out for free or with less money than others.
  • Some Thai bar girls are there to have fun and buy expensive items – Very few bar girls or freelancers would be able to save up money and have a better life in the future.

Here’s a video of Thai Bar girls or freelancers you might be interested in:

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