Ladyboy’s of Bangkok – Can You Identify a Thai Ladyboy?


Ladyboy’s of Bangkok are one of the most prettiest ladyboy’s – They look just like any the girl in Thailand and that’s what makes it tough for tourists to identify them. For those who don’t know who ladyboys are – you will come to know by the time you will finish reading this post. But generally they are transgendered people who are born male but live as a female. Some ladyboys are quite attractive which makes it hard for people to recognize especially if you are drunk at night.

Is she a Ladyboy?



  • Adams Apple – Look for Adam’s apple.
  • Height – They are quite tall.
  • Feet – Their toes are masculine.
  • Voice – I might argue in this because a lot of ladyboys can fake their voice, however in general they have a deep voice.
  • Actors – They overreact and try to gain people’s attention.
  • Make up – Ladyboys generally wear a lot make up to make them look more feminine.
These are few simple tips that can get you away from ladyboys – well it depends on you whether you want them or not.
Well I will also tell you some places where you can find them. There are lots of ladyboy street bars in front of Mc donalds in sukhumvit soi 5 and also in sukhumvit soi 3/1. A lot of ladyboys go to gullivers in sukhmvit soi/street 5 where you can pick them up for free as well if you can. Gullivers is a tavern 50 metres down soi 5 or street 5.




A lot of ladyboys are also in soi 4 in front of nana plaza. There is a ladyboy go go bar in Nana plaza on the 1st floor, unfortunately I have never been there so can’t give you any insights. That whole strip of sukhumvit from soi 3/ street 3 to soi 17/ street 17 has a lot of ladyboy bars and ladyboy girls. Ladyboys have always caused trouble so make sure that you talk to the point to them.If you plan too go out with them make sure to talk everything in advance about the time he or she will spend with you. If you plan to pick up Arab ladyboys – you can find some of them in soi 3/street3 in Bamboo bar. There is also a place for a quickie in street 3 or soi 3 for 500 baht ($18) for the whole night. However, the condition of the room is not very good. You cant expect a lot from a $18 room. There are quite a lot of places other than downtown bangkok where you can find some ladyboys but those places are only better to be visited by people who know their way around Bangkok. Some of them are found in Bang na. It’s a district in Bangkok on the way to Pattaya.


Please be aware of the fact that a lot of ladyboys do drugs, so make sure to be careful before you go with a ladyboy. Also there has been cases where people have been mugged by ladyboys. However, it doesn’t mean that all of them are like that. Just a piece of advice to keep you on a safer side.



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