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My last post I mentioned about massage parlors which according to me are the best in regards to the price and the service you get. But, this post is about the massage parlors in Rama 9 road. Here are some more massage parlors I have been to recently in Rama 9 road:

  1. Colonze
 It’s on Rama 9 road at the ramkhamhaeng road intersection right next to a fly over or a bridge. They have a seating area for a lot of girls and the best time to go there, so that you have a lot of girls to choose from is 5pm to 8pm. From my personal experience a lot of girls in this massage parlors come around 4pm and by the time they get ready it’s 5pm or later than that as well sometimes. 
The lobby is quite big with two seating areas and the girls are at quite a distance. I have taken an image which is not clear but you can definitely get an idea of how the inside of the massage parlor looks. The girls are seated quite far from the customers and it’s hard to make a decision. The rooms are way better, cleaner and they also have a small bar area. It was quite late when I went there around 11pm and there were just few girls available at that time. The price range was 2000 baht (approximately $70), 2300baht (approximately $80), and the supermodels were seated in other corner and the price range were 2600baht to 4000 baht (approximately $85 to $130). 
Duration: 2 hours


          2. The office

The office is another great massage parlor on Rama 9 road, at the corner of soi soon vijai. If you take a taxi, just tell them “The office” on Rama 9 road. The girls are pretty and young. The best thing I like about this place is that the Papa san can talk in English and the girls seating area is very close to the customers with no mirrors or any interruption in between. So, you can actually see the girls very close and choose them accordingly. 
The girls are dressed in a university dress – black and white mini skirts and have a look of a university girl making them look more young and sexy. They also have a lot of pics of girls with them. If you are willing to spend a good buck you can definitely get a good, young, enthusiastic, hot and a sexy girl. 
Again, my pics are not very clear, but you can at least get an idea of this place. As you can see in this pic that the girls are sitting about 10 meters away from me which is a great thing to do as you can get a closer look of the girl. It’s clean and have a small restaurant for food or BBQ’s. Quite an expensive place as it’s visited by Japanese as well. They have codes for various girls. Best time to go is 9pm when you could  have lot of girls to choose from. 
AE: 2300 baht (approximately $80)
V: 2600 baht (approximately $85)
MM: 3300 baht (approximately $110)
GM: (Supermodels): 3900 baht (approximately $130)

Duration: 2 hours

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