Thai bar Girls OR Massage Girls

Thailand is by no doubt one of the best countries to live as everything in this country is easily available. Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand and what’s the capital city of Bangkok – I guess massage parlors.
There are loads of them everywhere in Bangkok. My previous post had some places which I think were the best in Bangkok however this post is more or less about what happens in a Massage Parlor and what happens if you get a Bar girl for yourself and which one is good.

Everything has pros and cons but lets start with Massage Parlors first.


  1. Girls are clean and are not infected by any diseases as they all have to go through a medical check up every month. 
  2. Massage parlor are in every corner of the street making it easily accessible to people just like 7/11 in Bangkok and they are also open from noon until midnight or more.
  3. Heaps of girls to choose from – some Massage Parlors in Bangkok have more than 30 – 40 fishbowl girls and some are quite young too. 
  4. You don’t have to worry about buying co*doms. Massage parlors serves drink and all other things that you want.
  5. You don’t need to spend time in a bar drinking and buying beers for a girl. You just go there pick up a girl and have fun for couple of hours.

  1. Girls are booked for short duration usually 1.5 to 2 hours therefore the enjoyment period is limited. 
  2. Some girls are so tired of sex as they have had so many guys on a daily basis that they fake orgasm or don’t participate very well.
  3. Massage parlor girls can’t speak English very well. For a person who can’t speak Thai, there might be a chance that they could be charged more than a usual rate unless than place is in the city center. 
  4. Massage parlor usually closes around midnight and during the weekends which is quite early at night.

Bar girls 
Bangkok is a bar girl city – without bar girls there is nothing much in this city. Bar girls are usually from upcountry Thailand from the North eastern region called Isaan. We will discuss some pros and cons for Bar girls.

  1. There is no doubt about the fact that they are good seducers.
  2. They can communicate well in English making it easy for Non Thai speakers. 
  3. They can give you company for a longer period of time sometimes even for weeks in return for a lump sum amount of money.
  4. They give you a girlfriend experience.
  5. Whole night enjoyment can be done only if you go out to bars and enjoy with bar girls.
  6. Bar girls can do anything for you if you would give them money. After talking to a lot of bar girls they speak about their kinky experiences with people all around the world.
  1. Bar girls can be quite pricey depending on how they look.
  2. They try to rip you as much as they can. 
  3. While hooking up with them in Bars and Clubs it’s never a 100% chance if they will go with you or not. A lot of them pretend to be Bar girls and rip guys off the whole night, in the end going back to their room alone.
  4. Some bar girls work for the bars and make you pay for drinks for themselves or others, consequently diddling you.
  5. Bar girls have strange behavior and mistrust people, maybe because of the kind of people they have met in their lives before. 
Also, if you want to know more about Thai girls there are lots of dating websites to give you an idea of what kind of girls are there in Thailand
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