Bangkok Bars | Soi 11 Nightlife

Bangkok soi 11 or street 11 has a lot of naughty places. The first one in this soi or street is climax.

Climax is in the basement of hotel ambassador and has quite good Go Go dancers dancing all night and also go out with clients if possible depending on their availability.
Climax has an entry fee of 250 baht or $8 with a drink free inside. It has a lot of freelancers who you can hook up with who can charge you somewhere around 1500 baht -3000 baht ($50-$100$ ) per night.
All in all a great place where you can watch really sexy Go Go dancers and of course can hook up with freelancers as well.
Aussie pub has gotten quite popular recently and has many people coming or events as well. They have good food and usually set up big events for sports, screens for sports – Cricket, Rugby, American Football etc. Anything related to sports and these Aussies are never behind.
It’s crowded during cricket matches, AFL or sports events. There are friendly bar girls who can go with you later at night but again they charge you around $100 per night as well.
The beer and the food is fantastic. Lot of Aussie and Kiwi steaks. A great place to entertain and watch sports.
Now, lets take you to Levels- a disco on the top floor of hotel aloft which is further down Soi 11 or street 11.
There is no entry fee in this disco but drinks are quite expensive. The crowd is mostly expats and they usually have partners with them.
A great place to dance with a fantastic DJ. According to Thais this place is a little high-so ( meaning – place for high society people). But, I;t ¬†still think that it’s quite a good, charming place to meet girls who are more educated, literate and can actually understand you better than the bar girls or they won’t rip you. (Well that’s too much too say, not sure about it though)
There is another good place right opposite levels – Q-bar. Quite an expensive place – entry is 800 baht or more $27) with two drinks free.
You can book a table by paying some extra money as well. But it’s a quite a big place with again good music and people who won’t be there only to rip you off.
There are freelancers here but most of them come with their partners because its expensive.
The other place which is right next to hotel aloft is Korena. It’s Korean karaoke.
I have never been there so I dont know anything about this place. However, if I had a chance to go, I would definitely write about it in my post.
There is another good place with beautiful ladies is Cheap Charlie’s , I usually go there with my Dutch mates after playing hockey. It’s a rather small place with some weird decorations. So, every traveler, person who goes there can leave a souvenir for good memories in Bangkok and if they visit Bangkok or cheap charlies again that can freshen up their memories.


A place full of pretty ladies who keep on saying ” you handsome man you buy me beer”. It’s right on the street and that’s a big advantage for you if you’re visiting Bangkok for the first time. Open restaurants/bars are relaxing and helps you drink a lot of beer as well.
Apart from the bars, discos this soi has some great restaurants as well. One of them is an Indian restaurant and the rest are some Thai moving truck restaurants that are set up on the side of the streets. It’s definitely worth a try if you’re a tourists to Bangkok.


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