Tourist Destinations – Bangkok, Pattaya and Kanchanburi


Backed by popular demand from my viewers I have decided to write about some popular tourist destination in Bangkok.

Bangkok definitely has a lot to offer. The land of smiles is not just a sex industry but it has a great culture, cuisine and people. Not to forget the beautiful places Bangkok has to offer.

Bangkok’s Tourist Destinations:


Its an internationally recognized farm for crocodile with one of the most dangerous crocodiles available. There are other animals available as well such as tigers, elephants and monkeys.Their are nail biting performance in the crocodile when the performers put their hands and head inside the mouth of a crocodile. Some shows by the elephants as well where they show their dexterity and can also take an elephant ride.

Chatu chak or Jatu jak market is one of the biggest open markets in Thailand where people can buy almost everything. Pets are also sold here at a reasonable price. Its quite famous among tourists because it has a huge variety of products to offer. A word of advice would be – Be careful with your bags and wallet as there have been incidents of pickpockets. But all in all a great place to buy Thai traditional things and other things as well.You can either get there by a taxi or take the sky train to Chatu chak market .( jatu jak market)

3. Platinum Mall

Its an indoor market and a paradise for shopping. Girls just love going there as it has a lot to offer. Its right in the city center in pratunam and the best way to get there would definitely be to just take a taxi. There are more than 2000 shops there and has everything that a girl wants from shoes, accessories to beautiful dresses.

4. Pantip Plaza

Pantip plaza is an indoor IT mall right next to platinum mall. So, if you wish to go to platinum mall you can also wish to go to pantip if you fancy buying IT products. The first floor has got few things but as you go up to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor, it has a lot to offer.

Computers, Laptops, Cameras and other electronic gadgets are available here. If you want some acessory for your computer or laptop, this is the right place to buy.

5. MBK 

Its a huge mall located in the city center easily accessible by sky train. This place is famous for mobile phones. Second hand phones or new ones. As in a lot of countries iphone hasn’t arrived but it’s not the case with MBK. It has everything available as it’s a gray market.

6. Damnoen Saduak Floating market

Its located just outside Bangkok and the best way to get there would be to either hire a van or to take a taxi. The vendors sell vegetables, fruits and almost everything on their boats. You can take as many pictures as you want over here and lots of Thai street food available here.

7. Grand Palace 

The Grand Palace in Bangkok is one of the greatest attractions for tourist. It was built about 150 years ago for the Siam Kings. Although the king resides in the Chitralada Palace but official events are often held here as well.

The temple of Emerald Buddha and the central court of Thailand resides inside the palace. It is advisable to wear decent clothing’s in order to enter the palace. Men should wear pants and women should wear modest clothing’s. There is also a booth that provides you clothes to cover you up properly.

There is also an admission fee for people coming to visit the palace.

Pattaya’s Tourist Destinations:

1.Floating Market

Its one of the biggest attractions for tourists. Lots of traditional activities and it is based on the concept of all the regions of Thailand – North, South, East and West. You can travel around the Floating market by a Boat and experience the joy of buying vegetables on the boat.

Heaps of shops to buy Thai traditional items from Thai silk to Thai food. Everything is available in this market. There might be fees for foreigners but I am not sure about it.

2. Koh Larn Island

Best way to get here is to either take a private boat from the Pattaya beach which could be a little pricey but it’s still worth it or take a public transport boat from Bali Hai Pier that would cost around $1.5 per person. Coral island has accommodations for people who would like to stay around. Lots of local shops to eat sea food.

This island has three beaches Nual island, Tawan island and Sawae island. You can take a motorbike taxi to get to these island. It’s just a 10 minute motorbike ride.

3. Nangram Beach

Its a major attraction in Pattaya with enough wider space. Near the beach there is an island where you would be able to see the shallow coral reef. The beach is clean and beautiful as it is taken care by the Thai navy. There is also a giant war ship which is a tourist attraction

There are also accommodations provided by the Thai navy for people who would like to stay around.

Kanchanaburi’s Tourist Destinations

1. Tiger Temple or Wat Pha Luan Ta Bua

Its a Buddhist temple which was founded around 19 years ago in Kanchanaburi province of Thailand. If you want to see and walk with the tigers, this is the place to go. Although there are other animals in the Temples as well but the tigers are the most popular ones. Visitors can also take pictures with tigers or can go for a walk with them if they can.

2. River Kwai Bridge

River Kwai bridge was built under the supervision of Japanese by the prisoners of wars. The prisoners of wars were allied soldiers and it was built to connect Burma (Myanmar) with Thailand making it easy for Japanese as they wanted to capture both the countries.

There is still a train that follows the historical route.

3. Amphawa Evening Floating Market

Amphawa Floating market is situated in Samut songkran just outside Bangkok. Unlike the famous one at  Damnoen Saduak Floating market which is a morning market, this market is a late afternoon or evening market with of course local folks and food. The best thing about this place is that it is still not famous among tourists so you can still find some essence of Thai culture when you visit this place.

People sell Thai food in their boat sand also vegetables. You can also see monks rowing down this canal in the morning for alms.

The easiest way to get to these places is to hire a Van. There are lots of Van services near the hotels in downtown sukhumvit and if you can’t find then contact the front desk in your hotel, as they might be able to arrange it for you.

It is also advisable that most of these places have admission fee and while talking to Van services please make sure that you talk to them in advance whether the admission fee is included in the trip or not.

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