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Bangkok is a city of Bar-girls. I will tell you some amazing Go Go bars and places in Bangkok where people can have fun and enjoy the fantastic nightlife. You can also get a piece of their style/culture/tradition before coming to Thailand by using some Thai Dating websites like Thaifriendly.

Soi Cow Boy

Its in Asok, center of the town next to a shopping center terminal 21. You can get there by Taxi or sky train. Soi cow boy has everything that a man wants in his life in regards to his sexual desires. Its a small street but it’s full of Go-Go bars which are quite inexpensive as well. You can find Thai girls wearing some nice, sexy revealing dresses asking each and every person to come in and see the show.

Now, hang on !! What’s a show? In Soi Cow Boy there are Go Go Bars with beautiful coyote dancers with great body which is quite natural to Thai girls. Its quite tempting to go to these places in Bangkok as it is very easily available. 

Soi Cow Boy bars have a lot of customers everyday and the girls could be found almost everywhere in this street. Some girls are freelancers but most of them are Bar girls. To know more about Bar girls in Bangkok check my previous post.
Girls in Soi Cowboy have a good attitude towards foreigners and are quite good at speaking English. With money you can do almost anything in Bangkok and especially in Soi Cowboy. Some of the Bar Girls can also go for a quickie in the bars or you can go with them later after they finish their work. It all depends on your patience and ability to manipulate them. Everything is possible here.

There are no scams in Soi Cowboy and the girls are quite straight forward. You go in a bar and order a drink. There would be girls trying to please you and later on asking you for a drink as they get commission from it. Soi Cowboy is quite inexpensive and beers cost usually around 150 baht – 180 baht ($5 to $7).

Some people would also be selling Tennis Balls that you can throw it on to the Boobies of Coyote Dancers. There are all sorts of things happening here in Soi Cowboy. Here is the list of some Go Go bars over there :

  1. Deja – Vu
Its quite small bar with not many coyote dancers but its definitely worth a shot.
      2. Baccara
Its one of the most popular ones here and its quite crowded, so if you are a person who wants to relax while watching Thai girls curvy body make sure you go there early so that you get a seat. 
     3. Shark 
Now this bar has two floors with some cute girls – I mean better than the other bars. There are girls downstairs and also upstairs. Girls are generally prettier and a beer cost around 150 baht ($5). If you feel like going upstairs there are girls over there as well in a party mood. 
    4. Sheba Bar
Its a sexy bar with girls wearing revealing dresses. Quite pretty girls here and their show always has new things coming up. Sometime they show a orgy and sometimes they have a threesome and also call a guy up on the stage to perform with the girls. You could be one of them. 

Zoom in to see the exact location of Soi Cowboy


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