Thai Massage Parlor Girl Horrific Story



So, I went out to my favorite massage parlor РBiwa massage and picked up a girl who ended up telling her real life story. Massage parlor girls in Bangkok can earn good money however, this girl had a horrific life story and was back in business after two years.

She is 24 and is from the South of Thailand. She got married at the age of 15 when her parents asked her to marry a Thai guy who would pay the family 1 million baht ( This is what she told me – there might be somethings which are not correct but I still believe that 80% of the story is got to be true). Anyway, after getting married she didn’t know anything about sex which she learnt it from her husband. Actually, that guy wasn’t her husband – there was nothing legal about it. She was just living with that guy and his family in Bangkok. They didn’t register the marriage as the minimum age to get married in Thailand is 17.
Thai girls are real survivors – This lady sacrificed her whole life for her parents and she was brave enough to go and live with a completely new family when she was only 15. The most difficult thing was that she wasn’t even allowed to go back to her hometown to see her parents as the guy and his family was scared if she would not come back to them again.
She would have to have sex with the guy who she never liked – the only reason for her to be in that family was her daughter.
She was 15 when she did it the first time and had her first baby at the age of 17. After 2 years of marriage, she ran away from that guy’s home and took a bus to her hometown in South of Thailand. She started working at a massage parlor in order to save some money for her daughter to get her educated.
Working in a massage parlor is a tough job as they have about 4 to 5 customers everyday and about 1.5 hours to 2 hours with every customer. She left the job for 2 years and opened a restaurant in Phuket and that turned out to be a loss, so she came back to Bangkok in the same Massage parlor she used to work before and plan to save enough money in 5 years so that she could set up a small business in her hometown and have enough money for her daughter’s education.
Although, I have met a lot of Bar girls with these stories – This one was truly one of the craziest ones as well.


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