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Alright!! So I am writing this blog for some of the people who wanted me to write about my experience in a reasonably good massage parlor in Bangkok or for people who are frequent visitors to Massage parlors.

Biwa Massage is at the end of Petchburi Road. Its located in Khlong Tan and I guess all taxi drivers should know about it or you can also take the Airport Link to Station Ramkhamhaeng. Biwa Massage is 5 minutes walking distance from there.Here’s the picture I could manage to take while I was in there. As you can see some girls on the other side. It’s not that clear but I’ll try to get some more pictures later.



However, for people who do not know their way around Bangkok, here is the Google Map to go there. So why I think it is the best as there are so many Massage Parlors in Bangkok.
Well I have written about other Massage Parlors as well before but I go to BIWA a lot for a lot of reasons.



First of all it is comparitively inexpensive than other Massage Parlors. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that their quality is bad. I think at BIWA massage you get a lot of choices – Plenty of girls there and the cost is 1000 baht ($35- $40) and 1300 baht ($45 – $50). It might cost a little more if you are a Farang (a foreigner), but it all depends on how you approach the Mama San.



I guess they have frequent Japanese guys coming after work, so it should not be a big problem. It is always good to give a minimum tip of 100 baht ( $3 – $4 ) to the Mama San if he recommends you a great girl as per your requirement. Feel free to ask anything from Mama San and they might be able to get you the best girl.



They’ve more than 100 girls coming everyday, so you can imagine the different choice you will get. It all boils down to what your taste is? If you’re looking for a very beautiful girls then they’re in few numbers here and I can recommend you some – 88A, 800, 83A, 82A and many more but the problem is that you have to make a booking via phone about a day before you visit or few hours before.

If you are looking for someone like a model look then I would recommend you not to go here but if you are visiting Thailand for fun and want to have a thai taste then I think this is the right place for you. For model look girls read my blog about Massage Parlors in Rama 9 road.

The girls come and go frequently as they are booked. A lot of pretty girls over there have been booked for even a week. So, you would have to pay a tip of 100 baht ( $3 – $4 ) to the Mama San to get that girl whenever she would be free.


What’s the best time to go there? 

During the weekends there are many girls but the best time to go on any given day is 1.30. The girls just come fresh from home and they are not tired or lazy. From my past experience it’s the best time.

Also, if you want to make a advance booking of a girl – go ahead and do it at this time. The girls just has just come and not many people have booked them. You get a lot more choice and the girls are much more energetic.

What’s the time duration? Time duration is 2 hours and you can order beer, soft drinks or food in your room. The cost of beer and food is not too much. If you want to have threesome and both the girls  agree and don’t mind doing it then you can enjoy that too. This is one of the best things about BIWA is that the girls usually tend to agree to kinky things.
Also, the age variation is quite good here. You can find young girls from the age of 21 up to 45 years old as well. I haven’t tried 35 above age girls but by looking I can definitely make it out.
Your comments would be appreciated. If you want to know anything else you can add my Google plus and ask me personally. Thank you.


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  1. Yes I agree with you. This place is so good and if you pay 100 baht to the guys (Mama sans) outside they will make sure that the girls really look after you and girls never ask for tips only drinks. They really know how to take care of their customers. I have been to many parlors but this one is top of this the list. And 12A is someone I am gonna check out for next time.


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