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This is the updated version of my previous post Thai Bar girls. I will dig deeper into Bar girls in Thailand in this post.

Thai bar girls are the best in providing the service you want. They are hard working girls and are ready to do almost everything.
Fair enough, in a way as long as you get what you want and they get what they want from you “Money”. That’s how business or in fact everything should be done. It’s a win-win situation for both of you guys.

These girls work in a Bar and get 4000 – 5000 baht ( $120- $170) salary and most of there income comes from sales, the more they can entertain a customer which are usually Farangs (Westerners), the more is their commission and if they go sleep with you, it’s all there money too.

And they know how to make their customers happy and being an Asian their body is fantastic especially if they are from upcountry the food they eat is all raw which gives them a great, natural body with probably the best legs in the world. 

Thai bar girls are quite friendly and will invite you for a drink. Their English is not very good but still they’re smart enough and know how to deal with customers. If you like a girl in a bar, don’t just approach her and ask her to sleep with you. Make sure, you first talk to the girl and buy her a drink or so. Try to make some conversation with them. Also, it is advisable to never tell a Thai Bar Girl that her English is not good. It’s a big “No No” in Thailand.
A girl could cost somewhere around 1500 baht to 2500 baht ($50 – $85). But, they definitely know how to look after their customers. If you plan to pick them up from the Bars then you would have to pay Mama San some money to let her go with you. Always, talk in advance about the short-time (couple of hours) or long time (whole night).  Bar girls tend to prefer short time sometimes depending on their availability the next day.
Two things that are easily accessible in Bangkok are Bar girls and of course Booze. Bar girls in Thailand are usually girls from upcountry and support their family. If you want to have a Bar girl as your girlfriend you have to make sure that you support her family financially. Normally, the whole family in upcountry Thailand can live comfortably with 5000 baht to 10000 baht ($170 – $340). 
A lot of bar girls in Thailand that I have met are not crackheads and if you plan to meet crackheads in Thailand then you should approach Ladyboys. You can also meet some bar girls through Online dating sites like Thai friendly, Tagged, Badoo and Skout. Quite a lot of girls could be found on these websites actually and some also have pretty pics and also their charges.
So, happy hunting guys!


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