Wanna Meet Thai girls Online?

Thailand surely has a lot of Dating sites. There are so many of them and all of them have subscribers or members. However, today I am going to take you through some very cool, great to find Bangkok girls dating sites.


The first on the list is Thaifriendly. Its the most widely used with not many ladyboys only if you can block ladyboys. It’s a great way to meet new Thai girls who are quite friendly. The website is not very fancy but it has a lot of people registered which is the most important thing and the girls are quite willing to meet up for a drink or maybe more or even a relationship. And, the best bit about this website is that it’s quite inexpensive. Anyone can sign up for free but its definitely recommended to buy a $25 membership for a month and try your luck with Thai girls. It really works!!!!! If you plan not to buy this plan then you would have to stick to the limited resources of sending one message to a girl after every 10 minutes which will make you loose concentration and slows down the process. 


This website is quite organized and well structured and uses a decent algorithm however, it still doesn’t give good results as Thaifriendly does. In order to use it’s service you have to make a 800 baht ($27) approximately for a plan to use their service.


Skout is getting more popular as an APP. It has Android and IOS APP. Very easy and simple to use APPS but sometimes you might find it slow with minor issues but it also has a lot of girls who are willing to talk and go out wit foreigners. They also have plans where you can find out more information about the person you want to chat with however, when I bought it I could never access for some reasons. Thankfully, I just paid $4 for that feature. All in all it’s still a decent APP which will improve as the time passes. 


Badoo has lost it’s popularity a little bit now but in Thailand by losing popularity I still mean that there are lots of people in there using it everyday. They have an APP and a website. However, their APP is way better but its quite expensive and it costs around $9.99 for a plan for a month where in you could send messages to unlimited people.

So, according to me I think these are some websites widely used in Thailand and if you are looking to meet that girls or planning to move to Bangkok soon, start using websites like Thaifriendly where you could meet ample girls and maybe find the right girl for you and if you want to stick to something more like non-commited relationships, then I guess Thaifriendly can again help you with that
What’re you waiting for guys? Just go and register yourself in these websites and use their services to find the right and the most beautiful girl for yourself. 


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