Western Hookers VS Thai Freelancers?


Thai hookers are fantastic and there is certainly no doubt about it. I will give you more reasons while you read through my article. On the other hand, western hookers are unexciting and crackheads.

First the western world :

1. Escorts

These are the kind of hookers that are quite expensive and if you have to do weird stuff with them, then make sure that you give them a hefty tip. Usually they work independently in hotels and private houses. They like to work independently and try to advertise themselves online or through word of mouth.

2. Escorts but with an Agency

These escorts don’t work independently and are mistreated a little bit. They are fairly expensive but they have to give some money to their agencies for which they work.

3. Window Workers

 These hookers are displayed in windows trying to  induce a passerby. Usually, it has a set up pretty similar to massage parlors in Bangkok, Thailand with a small room, bathroom, don’t forget the time limit, bed of course, kitchen and other necessary items.

4. Street Hookers

These hookers are crackheads, notorious in a lot of ways, get involved in a lot of unsafe things and definitely a lot of them get murdered a lot walking on the streets. They charge less money and it’s advisable to have sex with them using a condom.



Now, Thai Hookers 

1. Street Hookers 

 Bangkok is a city of hookers. Young girls from the age of 16 are sometimes seen on the streets of Sukhumvit ( Downtown Bangkok) holding hands with a 60 year old white guy. It’s only possible in Thailand. The best part of Thai street hookers is that they have a great body as most of them are from upcountry Isaan ( North east ) of Thailand where they eat a lot of crappy food from insects to rats and bats and all that shit. Apparently, its good for health which gives them a great body shape with probably the best legs in the world.

They usually charge money from 500 baht ($20) to 2000 baht($70). It completely depends on how attractive the hooker is.

2. Bar worker/ Coyote

 Some areas in Bangkok like Sukhumvit Nana has a lot of Bar girls. If you want to take them out to your hotel, you can definitely do so however you have to pay them and also some money to their Mama San. usually they are a little expensive somewhere around 1500 baht to 2500 baht ($50 – $80). They are good at English and definitely know how to take care of a Man.

Make sure in advance to book them for full night and they will feed you and do whatever as you like if you pay them some extra tip. Also, they don’t hesitate in doing anything. I have seen and heard people making these girls doing some really crazy things and they love to do it for money.

3. Independent Workers

These girls will charge you around 2000 baht to 3000 baht ($70 -$100). You can find them on dating website like Thaifriendly.com. However, keep in mind that all Thai girls are not hookers and its always advisable to approach them with respect and dignity.

You can also find them on Yellow pages. just look for the word ” M ” and then make phone calls to Massage parlors and they will send a girl to wherever you are. You can talk about the money and everything on phone. These girls from my experience are quite hot.

Thai girls or Asians are definitely better than the western hookers for a lot of reasons and they do not involve in any shit. You pay them and they will be with you for a particular time. The agreement is quite simple and straightforward and the girls do everything for little money.

Some of them are from OK families but they work as freelancers because of their fondness to this business.

Well, anyway I would love to hear some comments from anyone regarding which one they would prefer if they have a choice.



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