Why Thai Bar Girls Are The Best?


Thai bar girls are way better than Bar girls in countries like Philippines, North America, even though they can communicate well in English or Indonesians, Vietnamese or Indian Bar girls.

Well it could possibly be because of their culture which is “Sabai-Sabai” (Meaning – Laid back culture).  I will give you reasons to support my idea and it would be great if you could also give some of your special expertise if you have some knowledge about Bar girls in any other country.

  • Best Legs in the World

This one has to be genetic because they don’t exercise at all but still they have the best legs in the world. It’s a country of legs. Perfect leg shape could only be of a Thai Bar Girl as they are from North-East of Thailand where a lot of raw food is eaten, hence the perfect legs. Let me show you a pic of a typical Thai girl so that you can get an idea.

  • “You handsome man you buy me beer”.
It’s true that this country is a land of smiles. The way Thai Bar girls will approach you and ask you for a beer is extraordinary. Some have attitude but most of them are quite pleasant, happy and well-mannered when they ask for anything.

  • Easy to take back home
It’s not that hard to take them back with you to your place or hotel where you guys can have fun. It’s always recommended to ask them how much you want them to stay with you. Some bar girls can stay short time but some can stay the whole night which is around 7-8 hours and the next day they will come to work again. Also, never never say a Thai Bar girl that her English sucks. Always make her happy by saying that it’s quite good and funny.

  • Thai Bar Girls are cute, quick-witted, lovable and polite. 
They have a great way of communicating with people that walk into the bars. They won’t just ask you for beers after talking to you for a while but they will put you in a situation that you will have to buy a beer for them because you’re happy with their service of taking care of you in their bar very well. 
It all just gets down to Thai culture which is very welcoming as long as you are getting money which is sometimes not very good for businesses but for this business it definitely works. 

  • Thai Bar Girls are alert, confident and affectionate.
Bar girls in Thailand have the sense of urgency unlike other Thai girls. They work hard, save money to support their family living in upcountry Thailand. Here’s a quick word from my friend who married a Thai girl – “Always give some money every month to bar girls family so that she is happy with you.” I think that works for every girl. Usually if you pay them around $300-$400 (9000baht – 12000baht) to the girls family that is more than enough. And then, they will do the rest of the things for you. 

And the best bit is that they are easily available. Well if you want to hook up with Thai girls but not just Bar girls they are available in some dating websites which are widely used in Thailand like Thaifriendly. I recommend you to use a a one month membership for $25 and chat with girls online. You will come to Thailand running after you have a thai online girlfriend.

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