How to Date a Thai Girl?


Thai girls could be the best girlfriends and the worst as well. Get some insights on how to date a Thai girl. Respecting is not the only thing that’s important. It’s more than that.

Mostly girls can be found online on dating websites like Thaifriendly, Thailovellinks, Tagged, skout APP. There are endless number of dating Apps or websites in Thailand. I think the best one is Thaifriendly as it has a lot of users who are willing to hang out.

Tip 1
Don’t assume all Thai Girls are hookers. No they aren’t.  Office going girls are quite busy as they work from Monday – Friday and see their parents on the weekend so time is scarce for them. Their family is the top priority and it makes much sense as well so you gotta be patient.

If you can show them that you’re patient then they will meet you and would like to know more about you.

Tip 2
Never show the girls that you love them the first time you date them. Be slow, respect the girls. You can say something like  “I like you and we should be friends first”. Being friends first makes them think that you want to go slow in a relationship putting you on a driver’s seat.

And then ask them to come over to your place for a cup of coffee. Some girls will go with you and some won’t. Some might feel bad about it and some might not feel anything. Make sure you understand from their looks if they’re hesitant. Try to tell them that “You’re just friends” and want to show your home/condominium. Don’t push!!!

Tip 3
Invite the lady to a good place. Don’t ask the girl to meet you in a bar in downtown area which is full of Bar girls, instead ask her to go for a movie with you or maybe dinner. Thai Girls are not used to this kind of treatment and all this would increase your points. However, some girls are OK to go to bars and disco and that means jackpot for you as these are the girls who want to sleep with you after getting completely drunk. It also shows that she is not interested in a committed relationship. Again, don’t take this for all girls – You might meet a different sort of girl who will accompany you to a bar just to enjoy but no sex. So, make sure that you are prepared for all this. Like I said it’s really hard to judge them sometimes, especially the young ones. My number tip is to go and enjoy with them and don’t think of any consequences.

Tip 4
Don’t try to dominate them. Thai Girls don’t like dominating men. They’re tired and bored of Thai men because they are all dominating men, so make sure that you respect their decision and go according to what they say. Develop a mutual understanding – It’s quite easy with Thai girls as they don’t nag all the time.

Tip 5
Make sure that when you chat with the girls online, don’t send them horny pics of yours. Respect the girls and be patient. Ask them about her work, family and friends. Never tell a Thai Girl that she is not good at English. It’s an honor for them so always tell them that they’re quite good at English and you can understand her.

Tip 6
Never try to offer anything in the form of cash to the girls. It’s a disrespect for Thai Girls unless they’re Bar Girls. You have to make them think that you respect them first and take them out to a coffee shop, restaurants or shopping. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on Thai Girls. I think be being honest and straight-forward is the best way out. Tell them what you can afford and talk about your pasts. Open up with them so that they can talk and understand you more. Thai Girls are quite shy so try to make conversation and make silly jokes which makes them laugh. They really love that.

Now it’s your turn 

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