How To Find a Thai Girl friend?


Finding a girlfriend in Thailand is not as easy as it’s said. However, my post will take you through what possible types of Thai Girls are there and where you can find them. 

Thai Girls are one of the hottest girls considering their body figure. They are polite and quite easy to convince to get in a relationship or back to your room whatever you’d prefer.

There are two types of Thai girls :  
Office Going Thai Girls 
They are very hardworking and it’s not easy to find them. If they’re single they would be using dating websites looking for partners online. If not partners, then one night stand as well. But, the problem is meeting time. They don’t have enough time as they work quite hard or hardly (Depends on them) and time is always an issue for them.

And it’s because of this reason that many Dating Websites have flourished in Thailand because the girls usually meet guys online and if things work well you might go out for a date with her.

If you’re lucky and a little creative there is also a huge chance that a girl might meet you in a couple of days after meeting online or even lesser than this. There are many websites available but the best one is Thaifriendly which has a free subscription and also $25 or more subscription per month which is way better than the others as girls are more likely to communicate back. The girls are generally office going girls looking for a partner, most probably a foreigner. 
Office going girls are definitely very pretty and take good care of their partners. If they are from a Thai-Chinese family then they are only allowed to have Thai-Chinese boyfriends and usually have long-term relationships.
Bar Girls 

Usually Bar Girls are from upcountry and that’s why they are more tough. They know the value of hard work (not that office girls don’t know it) and would always consider their family’s wellness as their top priority. It’s not easy to be in a relationship with a Bar Girl because of their behavior sometimes. But, some people that I know are married happily to bar girls and their secret to success of their relationship is that they always pay 5000 baht – 10000 baht ($170 – $320) to the girl’s family. This makes the girl happy who will in turn make you happy.
But the most important thing is that a lot of people forget about balancing their budget. It’s very important to make sure that everything should be well balanced so that they don’t rip you off.

There’s also been some instances where the bar girls completely ripped a foreigner who paid for her family, house, kids (if they have) and later on got kicked from his own house. So, be smart and choose a smarter girl for yourself.

As always, it’s your turn now. Happy Hunting!!!


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