Thai Bar Girls and Freelancers in Soi 11 Bangkok


Soi 11 or street 11 in sukhumvit (downtown Bangkok) is one of the most happening places in Thailand. It’s not even close to what it was 30 years back when they have Thai Girls giving a blow job in the middle of the street but it’s still crowded with Bar girls and a lot of different types of bars or discos.

Soi 11 is a multi-cultural street with people from different countries and different age group as well. There are some inexpensive bars and quite expensive discos as well here. Pretty Thai Hookers stand all over through this soi calling out guys for a short-time or long-time (whole night).

The most known place in this soi is climax which has a lot of freelancers working. They charge somewhere around 1500 baht – 2500 baht ($50 – $80). These girls are super hot with great legs which they all have.


Other than that this soi/street has young and middle-aged freelancers costing as low as 700 baht for a short time to 2000 baht as well. It depends on how good looking they are. There are lots of street bars in the soi which are personally owned by the bar girls who work there. If you like that girl you can take her back with you to your room or hotel but you would have to pay some Extra Money to the Mama San s compensation for taking the lady. That could range from 300 baht – 500 baht ($10- $25). These girls go with customers on a daily basis and know how to look after them.
Now, lets go to some other bars like level which is in Hotel Aloft and Q-Bar. These are some expensive bars with a bottle of whisky ranging from $100 or more but the girls are attractive so it’s worth it. Please keep in mind that all Thai Girls are not hookers so learn to respect them as well and it’s always good to go and talk to them first rather them asking them straight away “How much”.
Thai Girls like men who are polite and funny and so does any other girl so it’s better to treat them nicely. The best part about this bar is that some girls just go their to meet new guys and that’s where you can nail them down. Some of the girls just want to have fun with foreigners and there is a huge possibility of them going with you for free. They just want to relax and enjoy with a foreigners. So, make sure to play your cards properly.
Right opposite Q-bar is Levels which is famous among young expats of Bangkok. There is no entry fee and the beer costs somewhere around 250 baht or more ($8 or more). This place is a good fit to meet girls from middle-class families who go their only for fun. They’re not bar girls and they would love to hook up with foreigners. The best bit is that these girls are good at English communication which makes it more easier to make conversation with them. It’s a very multi-cultural disco so you will have a lot of choices. Like I previously said as well that keep in mind your approach towards every girl as all Thai Girls are not prostitutes and make sure to talk politely with them throughout.


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