Thai Girlfriends | How to meet them?


How it is to have a Thai girlfriend and how can we meet them?

Well, it is not as easy as it sounds. But there is a way to it. A general idea of most of the foreigners is that all Thai girls are hookers. Actually, this is not the case. It is highly recommended to talk to Thai girls politely when you meet them online.
Anyway, lets get back to the point of how it is to have a Thai girlfriend and where can you find one? 
The best way to meet Thai girls is online, Thai girls prefer using dating sites and websites like Thaifriendly is heaven. There are so many girls to choose from in this website. It is highly recommended to respect the girls here and your first message should generally be short and simple and asking them to be friends. 
Thai girls love if guys send them friendship message rather than anything else. This is from my experience of living and using this website for almost 3 years now. It is also recommended to buy a monthly package of $25 in this website in order to enjoy the best resources of the website. 
There is a free membership and you will have limited resources if you use it as a free member. You can send one message in every 10 minutes, making things very slow and making it hard to hook up with someone. On the other hand, girls have unlimited resources and they can send as many messages as they can as a free member as well. 
So, that’s why I recommend having at least a $25 package for a month and this way you can have so many girls or maybe stick to just one girl if you want. Thaifriendly is definitely a great place to meet girls in Thailand. They have girls from every corner of Thailand and it is definitely worth trying.

If you plan to come to Thailand for your next trip and are looking to meet girls, again this website is a great place to hook up with Thai girls and when you will be here you can go out for dates with them. 
How to Date a Thai girl – You can learn more about it from my previous post. I think it is important to be patient and not try to sleep with the girl on the first date. I know it’s hard to resist but this should be the plan to get you the maximum points. If you do not sleep with the girl on the first date then chances are she is going to sleep with you on the second date. 
If the girl you met online is willing to meet you in a bar, pub or a club then it’s highly likely that she wants to hang out with new guys as well. You’ve hit a bingo in that case. But, if the she wants to meet you for a movie and dinner then she probably will take a little time to think. 
Also, a lot of times I have met Thai girls and they tell me of guys that had previously dated asked them out on the first date. C’mon guys don’t do that, there is no need to tell the girls that you love them. Liking is enough for them to believe. No one is that stupid to believe that shit. Just tell the girl that you are attracted to her and all that shit that she is very pretty and you would like to understand Thai culture and the language more. So, ask her to teach you. That way she will assume that you plan to live in Thailand long -term. Although they love going to western countries with their boyfriends or husbands but I still think that it’s not a good idea to take them as it’s super expensive. 
I hope by the end of this you would get an idea about Thai Girls and Thailand. 
Good luck guys!!!


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