Thai Girls Online – How to Impress Them?


So, I am sitting with a Thai girl we I met from ThaiFriendly. Now for people who don’t know what Thaifriendly is – It’s a dating website one of the most popular ones among Thai girls. Every now and then you can also meet Vietnamese or other ASEAN girls.

But how come many guys get so many girls from this website. Every now and then I use it and to be honest I am very happy with the response from the girls. So, what is it that some people do that they get many girls from here. It’s simple but not easy.

Guys and I want to mention this again and again that don;t talk about sex straight away from the girls. It’s not good at all. You will end up being either ignored or to the maximum blocked by them. Thai girls are polite and like to meet good guys. So please respect them, give them some time. Ask the girls for being friends first. Read their profile. Send them a short first message introducing yourself and asking them for friendship. Always remember that girls feel comfortable with friends.

You should be their friends so that you can convince them to meet or date them whenever you come to Thailand or whenever you want. If they reply back then you can continue your chat. Thai girls love funny guys, small talks and no serious talks.

I would definitely recommend at least a $25 month package where you can send unlimited messages to the girls. They also have a free one but your resources would be limited and you could send one message every 10 minute and that spoils the fun of the conversation. In order to hook up with them, I definitely think that a $25 package would be good enough for a start.

Another think that I would like to tell you is that which is quite important that all Thai Girls are not whores so don;t assume that and try to respect the lady. A typical Thai lady who works in Bangkok are usually quite busy as they’re from middle class families and their first priority is work and second their family. So, you have to be polite, respectful to date with them.

They take a little time to fall for a guy but sooner or later you will hump them. Thai girls are good with all men and some girls are looking for just friends or long-term or short-term relationship in this website, so make a choice on what you want. And yes don;t worry there are plenty for a one night stand too. All you got to do is to play your cards right.

If you are planning to travel to Thailand and meet 3 or 4 girls during your trip, make sure you have everything planned nicely for yourself. And if you plan to have only one girl then also it’s good. Lesser the better it is for you.

Now it’s your turn to join this wonderful website. 


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