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Asian dating is getting more and more popular!!! Do you know the reason why?? I will tell you. Not simply because they’re pretty, it’s also because Asian women are more feminine. They’re much more prettier and behave more like girls should. Thank god I am fortunate enough to live in Thailand and most of my girlfriends were Thai and a Japanese.

You go to Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Seoul or Tokyo you will not find as many tourists or expats living than in Bangkok, Thailand. In the recent few years Thailand has seen a huge growth in tourism and also expat communities from all over the world. Simply because of Thai Girls“. Some Thai families think foreigners come to Thailand to try “Thai Food”. That’s so hilarious.

People come to Thailand so that they can meet a nice and beautiful girl who is sexy because there are definitely limited resources back in western countries. In Thailand the cost of living is so cheap. You don’t have any mortgage to pay and you can easily live  with $1500 – $2000. Apart from that you also have decent facilities available here. If you can cook at home you can save a lot of money and travel to other places as well or enjoy the nightlife in Bangkok.

The biggest and the most interesting question is where to meet these beautiful, sizzling Asian girls.

  1. Dating websites
  2. Go and live in Asia or travel for a while in Asia

Dating websites have long flourished in Thailand and there are so many girls online in these websites here. There could be around 10-20 famous dating websites in Thailand where you can meet girls online and later on share your Skype and try to build a strong relationship with them online. However, all this should happen before you come to Thailand. Now that’s a little tough but still possible. Many of my friends did that and end up marrying that lady later on.

The second option is to come and live in countries that have low cost of living – Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia or Tokyo if you can get a job and the best city to live is Thailand because the girls are available in huge numbers and it’s quite easy to meet new girls here. The other thing is that Thais are polite and respect foreigners which will give you more pleasure to live in this country of temples.

Now it’s your turn to come to Asia to find a good girl for you. Who knows maybe you will find a perfect girl online?

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