Nana Plaza – Everything you need to know about it



Nana Plaza is a great place and at the same time completely insane. If you’re looking for party, something new, bar girls then this post will tell you everything that you should know about it.

Nana Plaza is in Sukhumvit Soi 4 or (Downtown Bangkok street 4). It’s a red light area of Bangkok but with slim and sexy girls. As you walk down the street there are many bars on one side and the other side have many hookers which can be taken for a short time or long time depending on their availability.


So, what is in Nana Plaza that makes this place so famous and different from others. Let’s just give you a detail about what all things you can experience there. So, as you walk 20 metres in Soi 4/Street 4 on the side where there are bars you can see Nana Plaza board with many Papa San’s holding sexy images. As you walk into the plaza you can find yourself in the middle of a Go Go bar fare. There are loads of Go Go bars with a lot of different variety of shows. I think if you are a first timer you should go to different Go Go bars and at least have a look around in 3 of them.

I would definitely recommend Go Go bars on the first floor – Ladyboy Go Go bars in interesting, Spanky’s is quite good and the one right next to Spanky’s (I forgot the name is also good).┬áIt’s very enticing to go in these bars because there are many beautiful young girls standing outside making sure the customers come in to their bars.


The bars are inexpensive and a beer would cost somewhere between $5- $7 which is a great price for what you’re going to see in there. they have varieties of shows and keep on changing. Few examples of shows could be –

  • French Maid Kissing Scene
  • Busty Girls in Chair/Sofa
There are plenty of them and the show continues for at least 30 minutes. it’s advisable to buy a beer and relax while watching a show and if you are smart enough you also might end up going with a Coyote dancer from the bar either for a quickie or later after she finishes work. it’s all possible in Bangkok, Thailand. You should just play your cards well, but maybe for tourists it might not be easy because the bar girls only want drinks from the customers. It’s simple and straight business for them and they’re quite good in making out where you’re a first timer or not.



However, it should not be a problem if you are looking for a Bar girl or a freelancer on the streets in downtown Bangkok. Now it’s your turn to have a look at this amazing place.


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