One Night in Bangkok – Red Light Area


Red Light Area in Bangkok Sukhumvit


A sprawling city which is a good mix of modern and traditional things. Bangkok offers a great nightlife experience. The movie hangover 2 is no way close to what you can do in Bangkok during your trip.
At night around 9pm
Start your night with a place where you can play some pool, watch some ladies or maybe talk to them. Head to soi 5/street 5 in sukhumvit (downtown Bangkok) Gullivers tavern is a good sports bar to hang out for couple of hours. After staying there for couple of hours it’s the right time to head to Nana plaza. It’s in soi 4 , street right opposite soi 5. Just walk down the soi 4/street4 just 20 meters and nana plaza is on the left side.
Go-Go bars, lady boy bars and spanky’s well the name says it all. They will spank you in this bar, but just for fun.
However, the Go Go bar right next to spanky’s is quite good. I have forgotten the name but the last time I went there I really liked the shows they put on and they also nice and sexy girls. They’ve shows for 30 – 40 minutes with a beer costing somewhere around $4 (April 2014). After watching the show I think around 12 o’clock you should move on and go to discos in soi 11/street 11.
It’s better to take a taxi or if you want you can walk for 10 minutes to Street 11. The best place to go is Climax. All taxi’s know Climaxdisco so you don’t need to tell them anything. It’s good for tourists who come to visit Bangkok for the first time.


Entry fee for not more than 300 baht and a beer is free inside. A decent size disco with many coyote’s. Lots of freelancers if you’re willing to go out with them or enjoy with them, this is a good place. They’ve have many expats and only Thai girls which gives you a great chance to hook up with them.
Advice: Before talking to the lady, make sure to offer them a drink or something to make some conversation with them. They’re usually good in communicating.
If you’ve picked up a girl or not from climax, after 2 am I think it’s the right time to move on and go to a better disco in soi 11. It’s at the end of the street near 7-eleven called Levels. It’s in Hotel Crave. This disco is quite small but attracts a lot of young and mid-aged crowd. No entry fee is required but a beer costs around $9-$10, but it’s definitely worth going and meeting new and much more prettier girls.
I love the DJ here and also the dancing floor upstairs. Even though it’s small I don’t really mind because by that time I am already drunk. Next, and the final place is Mix. After 4 am Level closes and then you can head to Mix disco. There are taxis waiting in front of Level disco to take you to Mix disco for free. It’s actually in Phloen Chit. There is an entry to Mix around 350 baht ($12) per person.



Big disco for Thai people and quite expensive as well. A beer costs around $9- $10 but the girls are definitely hotter and way more in quantity. Few African freelancers but usually the girls come with their friends. If you’re skillful and you know how to play your cards correctly, then it’s the right place to hook up with a good girl as well who can end up being your girlfriend as well.
Who knows anything can happen in Thailand? Enjoy, dance get drunk more until 7 am and go back to your Hotel/Room.
Now, it’s your turn to have fun and try one night in Bangkok.


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