Why Thai Girls Love Foreigners?


Thai Girls love western guys just like any other Asian girls. Korean girls are crazy about Americans, Japanese about white guys or Africans and Thai girls are crazy about almost everyone who is a “not Thai”.

Good news for all the guys who weren’t born in Thailand. There was a time in Thailand about 12-15 years back when a girl was not considered good if she has a white boyfriend but nowadays it’s a trend and they’ve a strong reason for it. Even some rich Thai-Chinese girls have Non-Thai boyfriends.


Thai Girls love foreigners because of the following reasons :

  • Thai guys can’t be trusted – Womanizers

Majority of the population are girls and with so many pretty girls available in the country they tend to have a lot of extra-marital relationships or Mistress. It’s quite common to see a guy going to massage parlors even though they’ve girlfriends. So definitely someone that can’t be trusted.

Thai series or movies are all based on these kind of stories. A guy is married or has a lot of girlfriends and cheating on her girlfriend.

  • Not Good Looking

Thai Girls don’t take Thai Guys as good looking. Unfortunately, they believe that gay guys in Thailand are handsome. That’s funny but it’s true !!!! Here’s a good opening for all foreigners. They would prefer to have a guy who is tall with white skin but not many Thai Guys have these things.

  • Not Good in Bed

You understand what I mean by that!!!They don’t have the skills. I should not know this answer but I always like to get in depth by asking the girls about their experience and why did they break up. Maybe Thai Guys should think a little bit about girls as well. They should not be selfish. I feel for Thai Girls  – How frustrated they could get.

  • Secured Life with Foreigners

Thai Girls love to travel and having a foreigner boyfriend gives them a better chance to visit other countries. It’s disgusting but I have seen that a university girl who was 21 had a boyfriend from Austria who was 45 and they used to have a orgy sometimes. She didn’t mind it because she gets to travel with that guy. 

That university girl told me that she is in love with that guy, I am not sure about that but for me it was all about travel and other things. Not sure about it actually!!

Foreigners have a better lifestyle than Thai guys and earn better than them so they choose foreigners instead of Thai guys.

If you think there could be any more reasons put that in the comment section.
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