Young Thai Girls

This post is dedicated to all the people who would like to know about young Thai girls. How to find them and date them? In this post we’ll cover topics about Thai Girls from 18 to 30 years. I won’t say that Thai girls are the prettiest girls in the world “NO” that’s not the truth but the truth is that they’ve the best legs and body in the world.
White Guy and Young Thai girl
They have awesome legs and very feminine. Young Thai Girls are naughty and crazy about white guys. Girls from upcountry like white guys more, some girls sleep with hundreds of white men simply because they love white skin. There could be thousand other reasons for them to love you.
thaifriendly dating website
However, meeting a Thai girl is not as easy as it sounds. The best way is to meet them online. Being Asians they are not so confident hence the best way to know more about someone is via online dating websites like Thaifriendly which is one of the top dating websites in Thailand. With many girls online at a time you have plenty of opportunity to chat with them. Make sure to buy a paid subscription to enjoy all the benefits that could help you with a match.
So, the most important question is where to find these pretty young Thai Girls –
You can find them online
Finding them online is the easiest and the best way for everyone as first of all there are loads of them available in websites like “Thaifriendly” or “Thailovelinks” or APPS like “Skout”, “okcupid” or  “Tagged“.
The best one I think according to me is Thaifriendly as it has many girls who are more likely to interact and date with you whenever you come to Thailand. The best part about this website is that it’s perfect for people who do not live in Thailand and are looking to meet girls only for casual sex. They have free members as well as paid ones and the best way to chat with girls is to go for a $25 monthly package and you will have enough resources to hook up with Thai girls.
You can find them in supermarkets
This one is more suited for people living in Thailand. So many expats come here for the laid back culture, beaches and Thai Girlfriends and this is the right place to find them. They might be shy in the beginning as you’re a complete stranger or a foreigner asking a girl out but it’s possible if you respect the lady and ask her politely her email or her phone number or Line ID. You might not know what line is? So check this out!
thaifriendly dating website
The most interesting part about young Thai girls is that they do not have one boyfriend. Even if they have a boyfriend it doesn’t really matter because all they want is either learn English or find a new white boyfriend. Accepting to be friends first and taking it slow is the key to win their heart. Teach them English and become their life long partner (if possible).
Also, make sure you smile and approach the lady with respect. Bangkok girls are way more smarter than upcountry girls and approaching them in a friendly way is always a good idea.
In malls and department stores
Department store is a great place to meet young Thai girls. Make sure to approach them slowly and maintain a fine line of confidence. A little bit of over confidence and they won’t give you the phone number.
Also, keep in mind that English might be a problem so you should know few things in Thai. They might be a little slow in understanding you so please speak slowly while talking to them so that they understand you better. Ask them to go out for a dinner or for a movie with you.
Thai Girls love a guy who takes things slowly and then they fall for you.
In sky trains and underground

You might end up meeting people in sky trains and underground. Once again, respect the lady and maybe ask her for directions or something. Don’t just ask her out straight away they might get offended by it. So, be slow, be genuine in your approach and use common sense.

NOTE: Please respect the girls and don’t think that all girls in Thailand are prostitues. Well, just like all people are not bad it’s the same for Thailand. I agree they’re easy to convince but sometimes you should be patient and treat the lady with respect and I am sure you will find the right girl for yourself. Get your mind out of the gutter, then you’d be able to a decent girl in Bangkok or anywhere.


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