Why Expats Come To Thailand To Live?


An updated post written recently in March 2017 is here.
Thailand’s laid back culture and their infinite number of pretty girls is a good enough reason for people to come and live in Thailand. From the last many years expats from Europe and USA come to Thailand, even though there aren’t many jobs available besides the boring “Teaching” job but they still come in flocks.

Or you’re tired paying your dues back home could be another reason that you want to change your lifestyle.

The reasons could be:

  • Sick and tired of your boring job and paying your dues.

  • GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS!!!! Not food. Even though I know Thai food is very delicious but still not one of the reasons to especially come down to Thailand for it.
  • Employment
  • Backpacking, Traveling (You’ve a travel bug in your ass)
  • You’re tired of your fast-paced life.
  • Weather in UK is shit. ( No doubt about that) and UK people always complain.
  • Earn less but still have a peace of mind here.
  • Boxing – Thai Kick Boxing (To get their ass kicked from Thais)

Employment could be a strong reason for many people to come to Thailand but along with employment Thailand also offers a very laid back lifestyle. When you combine office work with this lifestyle it’s “Hooray” for people. So, I would still consider that many people come to Thailand for Employment + Girls + Laid back culture.If you’re single then you get bonuses in the units of Thai Girls. They love interacting with foreigners and in a multi-cultural city like Bangkok, Chiangmai or Phuket you have a huge possibility of meeting many Thai or Asian girls.

But the question arise – “Where to find these girls in Thailand?” You’re actually right because it’s not easy to find a girlfriend in Thailand even though there are many. Most of the working class Thai girls are from middle-class family and it’s really hard to meet them as their top priority is to spend time with family especially during the weekends. So, it’s usually on weekdays after work that they get to date/meet guys.Other options of meeting girls could be little strange but it works – Thai girls are friendly to foreigners and if you know how to talk to them you can definitely make conversation or share emails and phone numbers. The best place would be supermarkets, department stores(central), small restaurants. Yes, it doesn’t sound reasonable but it’s possible. Although chances are less but you can try. While traveling in BTS, MRT or bus you have a great chance of meeting them.You might find people scribbling with their smartphones in trains and sky trains but if you know how to play your cards right then you can do it for sure.

The other situation – What if you don’t live in Thailand?

However, you might be in a bit of a problem if you do not live in Thailand but would like to get a taste of Asian Girls. Here dating websites play a huge role in bringing a lot of people to Thailand – maybe because you’re fed up of your western lifestyle or because you want a partner – whatever your reason is it’s always good to have a local girl with you in a foreign land. And it makes sense to have someone who knows about the country to help and support you in Thailand otherwise life becomes a little tough.

Best websites could be:
  1. Thaifriendly website 
  2. Tagged
  3. Skout APP/ FLURV APP

On the other hand there are many people who just want to come here so that they can lead a simple and a peaceful happy life in Thailand and I think they make the right decision by coming here because they can easily live with $1000 – $2000 in Thailand and in USA you can’t survive with $2000 and quite similar in UK or other European countries.

That’s the best thing about Thailand that some people come here for girls, some for backpacking and some for peace and rest and all want to have a happy life and that’s what they get in Thailand. That’s the most important thing!!!

So why do you want to come Thailand? Let us know in the comment section as to why you would like to live in Thailand.

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