Bangkok Is Not Just About Nightlife

The visa policies are going to change in Thailand in the next two days?

Lot of foreigners are living in Thailand on a Tourist visa but with these restrictions it’s going to make their life a little tough. It was quite sure that Thai government would come up with some policies in order to get rid of foreigners working illegally in Thailand.

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But apart from that what makes Thailand so good at attracting foreigners? Why don’t foreigners go to Philippines or Indonesia or as such any other country – Well they’re great countries no more than Thailand but I’ve lived in Thailand so I’ll only tell you why Thailand is so attractive and a great hub for business in South-east Asia.

Nightlife is one major attraction but that’s for the sexpats and their used to be a lot more 10 years back but nowadays some people are here for tax-evasion (doesn’t sound good but it’s the truth for many of the people), some are here purely because of work, some for traveling and fell in love that they don’t ant to leave. (That’s the best part about Thailand).

There could be as many reasons as the number of people you meet. But that’s not important – the most important part is to live life to the fullest wherever you’re and that’s what people/expats get when they’re in Bangkok/Thailand.

Quality of life in Bangkok and Culture

Bangkok is a great city to live – Most job opportunities are in Bangkok and most of the corporate or small-medium size businesses are in Bangkok. Also, the quality of life is way better better than other cities in Thailand.

Talking about quality of life in Bangkok – You won’t get things done as quickly as in the west. Also, you’ll never be a part of the Thai community which makes sense because you were never born here and you don’t understand their culture the same way they do it.

No matter you stay here for 20 years you’ll still be a foreigner and it’s not a bad thing but this is the way you’ll be treated by anyone in a foreign country not just Thailand.

If you want like to know more about the Thai culture the best way is to live in a Thai neighborhood . First of all, you’ll end up having many Thai friends (which is hard to make if you’re the same gender) and the other thing is that it’s reasonably inexpensive to stay in a Thai neighborhood compared to the main city center (where most expats live).

Thais love smiling and pay huge respect to foreigners if you feel and do the same. It’s quite correct because we’re in their country so we ought to respect their culture and the way they are. If we’ve any doubts we should ask them politely and accept the reasons without asking further questions if it’s a critical issue (It comes with understanding of the Thai culture – that asking questions is not a good thing especially if it’s about culture or religion related things).

Bars and Restaurants

Bangkok is one of the top most crowded cities and the reasons could be simple because Thai people love to go out a lot. I’ve never seen Thai’s staying at home especially girls. They would go out to bars, malls, shopping something or the other but they don’t like staying indoors.

That could be one of the reasons that they’ve many restaurants and bars in the city. Every corner of the street would have a bar or a restaurant which makes also makes Bangkok one of the foodiest city in Asia.

Many international restaurants in Bangkok offering international cuisines or a specific cuisine. You’ll get one of the best Japanese food, Italian, Indian and of course Chinese food in Bangkok.

Chinatown, Little India are some places worth visiting to see the temples, food stalls, Thai-Chinese culture, the old Vespa scooter and desserts. Little India has heaps of cloth merchants shops in the department store or in the side of the street.


Nightlife in Bangkok is good as compared to the other cities or maybe it’s my love for Bangkok that is saying. From expensive sky bars to go-go bars to beer gardens to discos Bangkok has a lot of places to go out.
Sukhumvit road is the most popular ones where you can find a mix of Expats and sexpats and tourists. I like the way Sukhumvit streets are independent of one another – Street 3 has Arabs and good food (It’s called as Soi Africa) and Street 4 is called a European Soi (All Go – Go bars are there).
Street 8 has couple of discos and insanity is in street 12 which is good for all ages if you enjoy dancing.
As always it’s turn to learn more about Bangkok and believe me the best way is to come and try it all by yourself.



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