Khao san road – Everything you want to know about it


Khao san is in old Bangkok close to the Grand Palace. Usually referred as a place for backpackers (It still is) but it’s also a “must-go” place for tourists, expats and food lovers (Veggies as well). 


In this post we’ll talk about what has Khao san road offer tourists, expats and backpackers:

  1. Street shows/dancers in Khao san road
  2. Tattoo Shops
  3. Massage Shops
  4. Bars and Discos
  5. Restaurants and food
  6. Hostels and Hotels

Crowded and messy are the two words that could be used to describe Khao san road. Bars on both sides with street vendors selling bugs, kebabs/falafals, pad-thai at a cheap price. (Mind you it’s very delicious!) Make sure your immune system is strong enough if you’re a tourist from a western country.

If you’re a backpacker it’s a great place to start your adventure in Thailand. Meet other folks and listen to their interesting travel story. If you want to meet up a girl – it’s possible too. A great opportunity to meet expats, travelers and of course Thais. 

Street Dancers in Khao san Road


Tattoo Shops

Tattoo shops are on the side of the streets and believe me they can make you almost anything at a decent cost. You don’t need a fancy shop for that. They will make you sit on a small chair on the side of the street and do it right there. Interesting huh! Well that’s a great experience for tourists visiting Thailand for the first time.

Also, if you want a fake degree, license they can make all of it. They have an eye to detail in this department I would say. Many locals and expats in order to avoid the crap of making a Thai driving license (which could take many days) end up here and get it done in few hours. If you want to have a fake degree you can talk to them and they might as well quote you a good price for it. I wouldn’t suggest that though.

khaosan road bangkok


Massage Shops

“You handsome man you want massage”. If you want to relax in the open air then you should try Thai massage or foot massage in one of the many shops of Khao san road. It’s quite inexpensive but if you are on a tight budget then you should think twice before you go in.

khao san road bangkok view

Bars and Discos in Khaosan Road 

Expensive bars and cheap bars – They’re all available in Khao san road. This whole strip has a lot of bars and pubs so you should be able to make a good decision for yourself depending on your budget. For many people they come to khao san just to walk and buy few items or maybe grab few pints of beer in an Irish pub where you won’t find a single Irishmen.

Beer is “Super Cheap”. I mean really cheap. A big tower costs somewhere between $18 – $25. That’s almost nothing as compared to the price you pay in those fancy discos and pubs in downtown sukhumvit or Thong lor. 

A hookah costs somewhere around $6-$8 as well. It’s flavored hookah and I’d suggest the mint flavor with awesome chilled beer diluted with ice-cubes. Khao san has endless number of hippie bars and a good place to meet people from around the world. It’s a actually a good place start off your traveling expeditions in Thailand. You can get a fair bit idea of Thai lifestyle in Khaosan – the laid back Thai style, drinking beer in the streets, eating bugs, the carefree environment is something I like about khaosan. 

The most famous one is “The Center” and “Silk Bar” – they’re right opposite each other and fancy a decent crowd than others. The name of the bar would actually suggest what your mood is: 

  • Sabai BarA bar to relax
  • Reggae BarReggae music lovers
  • Hippie Bar For hippies, travelers
  • Sunset bar & garden restaurant – Relatively up class bar in and around Khao san road

Restaurants in Khao San road Bangkok

On the other hand, Khao san also has many restaurants especially Indian, two Israeli restaurants . Israeli food offers few things for vegetarians as well. Shoshana is in a small street right next to starbucks, and the other restaurant is about 50 meters down the street from Starbucks and not inside the street but on the main street. 

Khao san road has many fast food restaurants in the recent years because of the huge number of people it has attracted. Mc donalds, Burger king are the most famous ones.

Fake Items

Khao san road has a lot to offer and if you plan to visit this place you should stay for at least couple of days. Many tattoo shops where you can get it done in less than $20 – $30. If you want to have a driving license, graduate degree certificate they all make it here and you can find them in the corner of the street.

Hostels and Hotels 

Hostels in Khaosan road cost cost someweher between $5 – $20. Depending on your budget you’d have no problems in looking for hostels in this area.

Hostels have choices to either have air conditioner or fans making it easy and affordable for travelers to choose. Some hostels are:

  • Sawasdee Smile Inn
  • Rainbow Guest House
  • Thai Cozy house – A family run house rented out to travelers

Your Turn
It’s your turn to let us know if you enjoyed your trip to Khao san and what did you do there?

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