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Are you tired of paying your dues back home? Are you tired of the busy life you have been leading in your country? Then it’s the right time to move on in your life and come to Thailand.

best cities to move in thailand
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One of the best cities to live in Thailand is Bangkok, Chiangmai or Phuket. Other cities are Huahin, Koh Chang, Udon Thani, Ubon Ratchathani. Thailand has a diverse culture with South of Thailand influenced by the Malaysians, North Thailand influenced by Chinese but Bangkok is still on top of the list of a multi-cultural city very close to it is Chiangmai which has a lot of expats living nowadays.  

In the recent years many foreigners have decided to move to Bangkok because of employment opportunities, girlfriends, new lifestyle, travel and kick-boxing etc. There are as many reasons as the number of expats living here. If you plan to move to Thailand many questions could be haunting you as to how you could plan your budget. In this post we’ll talk about:

  1.         Minimum Salary in Bangkok
  2.         Saving Money
  3.         Food Price (Expensive, inexpensive and cheap restaurants)
  4.         Traveling in Thailand or South-east Asia
$2000 salary is considered fairly well in Bangkok with a huge possibility of saving money. You can eat in a fancy restaurant in downtown Bangkok (Thonglor for two people) for $60- $70. These restaurants would be one of the most expensive ones in Thailand. The medium range restaurants could be between 550 baht – 1000 baht ($16 – $30). You can find cheap restaurants everywhere in Bangkok – street shops on every corner selling pad-thai or noodles for just $1.50 (maximum). You might get ripped off in the beginning if you don’t speak Thai but it happens occasionally.  
So, what’s a good to go salary for an expat living in Thailand? A lot of people think that $1000 is quite a decent amount of money if you’re a beginner in Thailand minus the expensive restaurants that you’ll have to avoid. That’s the best part of Thailand that there’s a huge range of restaurants from the expensive $100 to $1.5 ones street shops. It’s always fun and exciting to eat from the street shops, you get to know a lot more about Thai culture, meet the locals and get to understand and try some Thai.
You can’t avoid nightlife in Thailand – it’s just everywhere and a bottle of beer costs from $3-$4 in a beer garden to a maximum of $7 in a decent disco or a go – go bar. Beers in Go-Go bars are quite inexpensive comparing to the amount of fun you have watching the shows and drinking.
If you’re in small cities like Hua-hin prices are reasonable there. A beer might cost less than Bangkok and food is cheaper compared to Bangkok. Hua-hin definitely is not the place where you can make a lot of money but it’s a city on the coasts so that covers everything up. If you plan to live in a quite place close to the beach I would recommend Hua-Hin. 

But if you plan to live in a place close to the mountains then Chiangmai, Chiangrai are the places to go. Lots of job opportunity in Chiangmai as many expats are moving to one of the coolest cities of Thailand. Enjoy elephant trekking, motorbike rides on no traffic streets. There’s no area of the city where you can’t see the mountains. It’s also a great place for Vegans as many Thai-Chinese restaurants are available, probably more than Bangkok as well. 

It’s a paradise for shopping especially girls. Girls can buy dresses at various markets at a price as cheap as $3 for a tank top. You would have to ignore the quality though but it’s NOT BAD at all.
If you’re on a low salary then it’s better to live in a Thai neighborhood which is comparatively cheaper than expat neighborhood. The bars, shops around Thai neighborhood is quite cheap which completely makes sense because Thais make less money than foreigners. 

You can easily get a good apartment with a possibility of a good view for $200 in a Thai neighborhood but if you plan to live in an expat neighborhood you won’t get anything. Make sure you plan your budget accordingly. 

Thailand has got almost everything but it at the end it all depends on your pocket and your trip. If you’re planning just to travel South-East Asia then it makes more sense living within the Thai community and learning more about their culture and their simple lifestyle. On the other hand if you’ve a hefty budget where you can afford to spend more than $1000 on rent then living in downtown is definitely a great place to make some contacts with rich Thais and also expat community. 

Also, a great thing about Thailand is that it’s centrally located in South-east Asia. Travelling to the beautiful cities of Laos, Indonesia, and Burma is easy and doesn’t cost a lot of money. You can take a bus to the border and go to Cambodia, Burma, Laos and a short flight to Indonesia is also a good option. 

If you plan to live in Thailand – the best part is having a Thai girlfriend so that she can take you around different places of Thailand without you getting ripped and at the same time you having a great time as well. 

Make sure you plan well about things like – House rent or Condo rent, Beer cost, Food Price in a restaurant or home cooked food. It’s always good to plan beforehand and set a monthly budget before you get a job. Websites like is quite a useful resource for foreigners working as Teachers in Thailand and doing quite well. They also have a forum where they discuss about various topics on Thailand. 

Now it’s your turn to decide and make a move out of your boring lifestyle and move to Thailand (land of smiles). If you have any questions or want to add anything apart from this you’re most welcome to post it in the comment section.


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