Why Thailand is called “Land of Smiles”?


Land of Smiles

This question actually bugs me off sometimes when I think of “Why Thailand is called Land of Smiles”. Why not Norway, Denmark, Qatar or Netherlands where people have a lot of money to enjoy and be happy. 
Money can’t buy you happiness – It’s more about what and how you feel inside. These could be the reasons
  1. Maybe because Thais are happy people.
  2. Maybe because they smile when they don’t know something. (That’s cute sometimes)
  3. Maybe they’re stupid. 

If you ask a person in Thailand about something and they don’t know the answer – “They smile” – I don’t know if that smile is a reason to sneak away from the problem or it’s a good way to respond to a question they don’t know or it’s simply stupid. If you’re working as a Teacher in Thailand you’ll come across lots of smiles. Students don’t understand much English here and therefore smile.

If you ask a Thai about this they will say:

  1. They’re Buddhist.
  2. They’re generally happy all the time.
  3. They don’t think too much. (Mentally not very strong I’d say)

Another possible reasons could be that Thais are generally not ambitious (If you’re ambitious you tend to think a lot). Some people might find this to be a little “harsh” but there is truth in it to some extent. How many times have you met a “Thai” who says that he wants to do something great in his life. (I don’t mean they are not intelligent but maybe that’s how they’re raised). They’re raised in a very Buddhist style (Very simple).


They believe in present and that’s a great thing – It could be a good reason that they’re happy. They don’t plan a lot – yes we can again argue that middle class families do but lower class doesn’t. Arguments could always be made and you definitely can’t put that to use for everyone. 

We can definitely argue for hours on this topic as it’s quite a sensitive one but it’s interesting to know from other people as well or from their experience with Thais. 

NOTE: This is just my opinion about Thais you could have your own opinion and I’d love to hear that from you in the comment section. 


  1. An English woman I used to know about 20 years ago spent a few months in Thailand. When she came back she kept saying “they’re always smiling”. On the other hand the British are known as a “nation of complainers”.


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