Best Things to do in Bangkok


So, you plan to travel Bangkok and make it a memorable trip. Here are the best things to do in Bangkok. Although, there could be many things that you can do we’ve shortlisted few things to make it memorable for you and your loved ones.

1. Flight of the Gibbon

Although there aren’t many adventure/eco-adventure sports in Bangkok but Flight of the Gibbon is something that is really fantastic. They’re probably the best in Zipline eco-adventure tours in Thailand. With 3 km of jungle in Chompoo widlife sanctuary near Bangkok you can take the canopy tours around the jungle. They have two coaches who train you for safety and help you during the course. They can also arrange for a shuttle service from Bangkok although extra charges may apply.

2. Sleep With a Ladyboy

You should try everything in life and this is definitely something that you should try while you are in Bangkok. How to identify a ladyboy is not an easy thing especially when you’re in a country like Thailand where men & women look quite similar. (no disrespect to Thai guys)
Where do you find them? – If you’re a tourist then there is no better place than Nana plaza. 

3. Hook up with a Thai Lady online before you get here (Only for guys)

Be friends with a Thai lady online on dating websites before you get here. You can make a friend in this country before you come and it will definitely be of great help for you. She could take you to all the cool places in Bangkok.

If you’re looking for some Thai girlfriend this could be your best way to meet girls. It’s not that easy to meet someone in supermarkets or for a tourist but dating websites could be helpful in knowing about the culture, people or music or food before you come here. Although these things are available online but the best way to learn is directly from Thais.

4. Take a Tuk Tuk Ride

I’m sure you would have heard about this gem of Bangkok. They are named after the sound of their powerful engine – Tuk Tuk (Quite interesting). The history of Tuk Tuk could be taken back to the time when many countries had rickshaws. It’s a sign of novelty for foreigners in Thailand & you should definitely take this opportunity to see Bangkok in a Tuk -Tuk.

 5. Visit a Thai Market (Ta-laad)

Visiting a Thai market is a great way to explore the Thai lifestyle. Below are some of the most famous and interesting ones:

Try local food from the streets of Bangkok.

6. Rooftop Bars

Bangkok looks beautiful at night & the best way to see the city is by going to the rooftop bars in the city. Some of them are:

7. Bangkok Clubs

Clubbing is awesome in Bangkok and each and every place is completely different from others.If you want to have Hookers – then go to – Sukhumvit area. If you plan to see some crazy things then go to Pat Pong (Silom road), Khaosan Road or Soi Cow Boy.If you want to enjoy with the locals go for Ratchada Road. And, last if you want to go to one of the best clubs in Bangkok (which I recommend) then go to Thong Lor and Ekkamai road – High so clubs Clubs for high society people).

8. Dinner Cruise at Chaophraya River

It’s a great way to see Bangkok but if you do not have a good budget then you can also take the normal boat and travel up and down the river or the temples nearby. There are a lot of different kinds of cruises and shows available. From loud music to the sophisticated cruises with Thai music to traditional music, there’s so much to learn from this diverse culture. Many cruises are available at different prices starting from 1000 baht to almost anything.


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