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Does that mean that Thai girls love attention?

Everyone needs attention and that is one of the main reasons why social network is so big and will continue to be. People love attention which comes in the form of likes, comments, shares in social network.
This might be one major weakness or a strong point of Thai Girls.
  1. Easy to convince if you give them attention (That’s why many Thai Girls have Giks)
  2. They leave guys who don’t give them attention (unless they have another guy lined up)

This might sound strange for some girls but its the truth up to some extent. It gets down to upbringing of a child and unfortunately since birth Thai kids are given tremendous amount of attention resulting in what you can see in social networks or some girls taking sexy selfies in a bank.

On the contrary, we can also argue that not just Thai Girls but everyone need attention. Even the great Steve jobs or Larry Ellison needs attention and that’s why he always wanted to make something different from others so that he can leave behind a legacy. (It’s not good to compare Steve Jobs with Thai Girls but it actually answers the question).

Everyone, somehow or the other get lost in getting attention from others rather than trying to get attention from themselves (I mean from within). That’s when you start loving yourself and don’t need attention from others.

But anyway we are going off the topic and here are some pictures I got online via bangkok coconuts. A kinky girl posing sexy images to get attention and I swear they did get a lot of attention. All because of social network.

What do you think about attention? Let me know in the comments section.

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