Girls You Can Sleep With in Thailand


If you are in Thailand or plan to move or visit be prepared for these types of girls.

Curious Girls

Curios ones are top of the list because they are easy to get. They are curious about Westerners/foreigners. They have had fantasies of being with a white guy. The biggest delight of their life is to be with a white guy/ foreigner because they are fascinated by the western culture by watching movies or songs.

Slutty Ones
You can easily make out the slutty ones from their accent. They are clever, smart and have hung out or slept with many foreigners that is why they can speak English very well. Usually, they think that they are very pretty and sexy because of their brown skin (which is sexy no doubt about it) or because they have had a foreigner boyfriend before. Their confidence level is much higher than an average girl and they are very skillful and desperate to find a new boyfriend who can take care of them.

Very skillful in bed and know how to make guys happy  – Beer & Naked.

University Girls
I am sure you have met these girls through Dating websites/MRT or BTS. Dating sites in Thailand are full of awesome university girls. Some are looking for one night stands and some for a long term relationship. You can simply jump into bed after couple of dates. They love to drink, party at any place as long as they have a partner. They don’t care about age or money. All they care about is a person who could be with them.
 It hugely depends on what universities they go – The most kinkiest ones are from Bangkok University (The hottest ones too), University of Thailand Chamber of Commerce, Rangsit University & all the small technical colleges.
Bar Girls
Get ready to be ripped by them. It’s pure business for them. They sleep with you simply because they want money. It’s all about money for them. It’s good to try them once – No wonder most of them are tough probably because of their experience or their survival extinct. Their body and legs are the most attractive part. They will do anything for you – “anything means literally everything”.
Massage Parlors Girls
Very skillful in what they do and love going out with white skin guys because they hardly get any. They’re bored of Thai guys and their small d**ks so be prepared for some real fun when you go see them.

Note: Don’t be selfish

Wanna Learn English (Wanna-Be’s)
Come a lot more quicker than others. They are border-line sexy because of their stupid English and shyness. They talk a lot because they want to practice their English skills. They come easily probably because they haven’t been with many foreigners before.
High-So Girls (High Society Girls)
The biggest question is to meet these girls? Actually, they are in minority in Bangkok. Usually, they date Thai-Chinese guys. But the best thing about these girls is that they are friendly and open-minded. Not very easy to meet them though. But a great place to meet them would be at some discos around Thong-lor like Demo, Esco-Bar, Bombay Blues, Funky Villa or at RCA sometimes etc.

Another thing is that being high-so means that these girls aren’t stupid so you have to be patient with them and can’t act like an impatient dog who just wants to jump on bed. Be patient and wait for the right time.

Naive Girls
Questions never stop pouring out of their mouth. They love sharing and talking to connect emotionally with you. A huge chance is that these girls are in an open-relationship with other guys. These girls are honest and talk a lot more than other types. They are shy and are OK in bed. You might have a hard time because they are a pain in the ass because they ask a lot of questions.

Their favorite question is – “Do you talk to many girls?”

Desperate Divorcees
People’s favorites are desperate divorcees because they’ve no more expectations from guys they hang out or sleep with. They are OK with one night stand or being in a open relationship or anything you wish. They don’t want your money because they have enough money for themselves or to take care of their family.
They get 8 out of 10 in bed. They are skillful in bed because of their experience dating guys and being ditched by many. They definitely know how to charm a guy.
Moms are the only single inspiration for English Teachers in Thailand. They go to temple the next morning they have sex with a stranger. They need attention from someone who could do better than their husband.


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