How You Can Change Your Life?


Experiences can change your life – Being an expat?


Are you relishing the fact that you’ve to pay your dues? You know what I am talking about – the traditional wisdom of working well in a company will certainly pay you off some day.

People who work in a 9-5 job lead a very consistent life – It’s like their life is completely scripted and there’s nothing that could be changed. That’s a very limited life – There’s nothing you can do, nothing to explore in life. If you live in this system you become less assertive and more dependent.

Work and life should not or does not have to be lived like a slave. In the corporate world decisions are made by top officials and they don’t care (actually give a shit) about you guys (the managers, the people who run the company) and influence is greater in perception than reality.

On the other hand, some people also prefer to work in this environment and they’re the ones who live a very limited life. They save some money for their retirement and don’t take many risks in their life.

“If you’ve to change the game you’ve to take risks”

I came to Thailand when I was 19 and I never regret the decision because I always wanted to see the world from the eyes of an Expat (I also want to make a lot of money – but that’s not the point right now) and I’ve learnt a lot more about Thai culture, my people and others. You have got to make decisions that are tough (in the beginning), but it really pays off later. Just like (Anna) made a huge decision by moving to Thailand at a critical point of her life and in the beginning it might have seemed like a bad decision but not anymore.

As soon as you push something from one side, something pops out from the other. That’s how life is and will be.

Your Turn 

Over to you as usual, what do you think about your life? Are you really bored of it?How about believing in yourself and investing in your own future.


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