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shopping at mbk mall bangkok

MBK is famous not only among tourists but among locals and expat community. It has 8 floors with many restaurants, souvenirs shops, fast-food restaurants. The best part of MBK is the wide variety of products that you would be exposed to from tech gadgets to clothes to awesome restaurants. Not to forget some tattoo shops as well.

Where is MBK mall and how to get there?

It’s in Rama 1 road in the city center. The best way to go there is by sky train (BTS) and get off at National stadium which is walking distance from there.

Take a bus ride if you wish – Bus numbers 25, 29, 93, 73 and many more.

Mobile floor at MBK mall

MBK mall is THE best place to sell or fix your mobile phone. Almost anything could be fixed in your mobile phone over here. Mobile shops are run by locals and they can speak English because a lot of their customers are foreigners. MBK is not a black market but a GRAY market  – the products sold are original. There haven’t been many cases that a person has been sold a counterfeit smartphone unless you are too dumb to recognize.

Also, one more important thing at MBK mobile shops floor is that you should not bargain,  people bargain thinking that they’ll buy the product from other shops (as there are plenty), but at MBK mobile stores have pretty much similar price for every thing. There isn’t much difference in the price so there’s no point doing it.

Apart from mobile phones there are other electronic products that you can buy – Cameras, wrist watches, and other gadgets.


Local or branded clothes could be bought from here – They’ve some brands on the ground floor, one of them is A to Z. Local brands are on all the floors. You can buy almost anything at a reasonable price from any shop. The cheapest T-shirt might cost you $4 but again you have to consider the quality of it and the most expensive one could be bought at TOKYO department.(shopping department store inside MBK)


MBK mall actually also has western size shoes which is hard to find in other places in Bangkok, but MBK apparently has some shops where you can get decent or possibly local or maybe branded shoes at a good price depending on the brand.

Food and Beer

MBK has Burger king, Mc donalds, Dunkin Donuts as fast-food and Indian restaurant(Indian by chutney) on the top floor, few Japanese restaurants like Fuji etc. and they also have a food court where you can buy affordable, delicious food for a dollar or two. Don’t worry if you’re a veggie – There is also a good vegetarian stall in the food court.


Don’t miss the Santa- Fe steak

If you want to have a steak and don’t mind spending a little extra money then go for Santa-fe steak house on the 5th floor. It’s worth visiting

Fifth Avenue

Fifth avenue is another restaurant famous for it’s international cuisine that they offer and definitely one of the hardest thing would be to choose the items you want to try.

Thai Massage (Traditional massage not a happy ending)

MBK mall has massage shops serving you free hot Thai tea along with a nice Thai massage or  foot massage, face massage. Prices are reasonable to what you’d pay at other places.

Make sure to tip the lady or the ladyboy (who gave you massage).

I’ve never tried them but I’ve heard good things about it from people who have used their services. Salons at MBK mall do almost everything from dying hair to giving you a completely new look at a fairly reasonable price with good quality. There are loads of shops on the 4th floor and worth visiting
Tailor Shops
Tailor shops in Thailand are usually owned by Indians or Chinese. Suit could be made for around $100-$150.

Other Stores

Other things that you can find at MBK mall are cloth accessory shops, karaoke rooms, game rooms and Multiplex cinema where after shopping all day you can relax and watch a movie.


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