Cricket in Bangkok


What is cricket for Thais?
Thais don’t follow cricket and the best
way to explain them is to tell them that it is like baseball (even though it’s way tougher than baseball). They are familiar with baseball.

Cricket is popular among expats in Bangkok, Chiangmai and Pattaya. There are more than 15 cricket clubs and all of them are expats mostly from the subcontinent region and from Australia, UK and NZ.

Southerners is a club with as many as 9 sports from cricket to rugby to netball. Cricket season in Thailand starts from early September with T20s and continues until May or June.


There are three divisions – premier, A division and B division. Usually, clubs choose which division they want to play for and if they win the championship for the season they move on one step forward to the next division (only of they’re in A or B division).

Club matches are held in various grounds – Harrow international school ground, polo club, RBSC club, AIT ground or sometimes at polo club in pattaya.

Teams from other countries such as Australia, Singapore, UK etc come to visit Thailand and play some cricket as well. Usually we at southerners travel to Vietnam or Singapore for a weekend trip to play cricket as well as travel.

Cricket in Bangkok

There are other tournaments or matches for visiting teams, super sixes tournaments held at polo club or RBSC which had many popular figures turning up every year to play for fun.

If you’re interested in playing let us know below in the comment section.


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