German Beggar Back To Begging – This Time in Pattaya


Few days back this German guy was seen in the streets of Bangkok in Khaosan road. Not only Thais, everyone sympathized with him and everyone was talking about him. He suddenly got so much attention probably because of his swollen foot or that he was a foreigner begging in Bangkok.

Many foreigners beg on the streets of Thailand because they get ripped of by bar girls/Thai girls and this time people thought the same story. Nevertheless, he was rescued by the German authorities and was paid a ticket, hotel accommodation and cash money as donation.

I remember reading a thread in DSBKK – people sympathizing and telling their own stories they have heard about this guy. Everyone felt bad and wanted to help him.

Now few days back after he got 50,000 baht donation – see what did he do with it?

Went to Pattaya (the sin city of Asia). He blew all money partying and now all the threads see him as a scumbag. He doesn’t want to go back to Germany and he continues to beg, but this time in Pattaya.

via bangkokcoconuts


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