How Safe is Thai Street Food


Is Thai Food on the streets of Bangkok safe?

No one knows it’s safe or not. It depends a lot on what you think and how well you’re prepared for it. Thai food on the streets is a completely unique, multi-sensory experience. There are few things to remember before you head to your first street¬†food stall.


Be positive

You’ve to start with being positive first – it’s the best way. Street food is inexpensive ($1.50), so you can’t accept the quality and hygiene of restaurants but they’re clean enough to get you started and build your immune system. A lot depends on how you think – so stay positive.

Eat food cooked in front of you

Make sure that the food is cooked in front of you so that it kills all the germs and bacteria. This is the best way to ensure that you remain healthy and confident while having street food.

Leave Mondays (in some places)

Street vendors day off is on Monday (at some places). These guys work hard for 6 days to keep you going and they surely deserve the right to rest for at least a day. Skip Mondays and try to cook some food at home or go to a restaurant in a department store on Mondays.

Don’t drink tap water

In order to ensure a decent hygiene it’s good to stay away from the tap water. You can buy water bottles from 7/11, Foodland, Tesco or almost any supermarket. You can drink tap water after your stomach adjusts to the heat and humidity of Bangkok.

Be bold to try new things

You have to be bold and brave to try new things, even if you don’t know how to speak Thai you can order food using gestures (of what you want). The food is usually served with two or three dishes on top of rice so you can choose what dishes you’d like.

Be prepared for the spicy sensation

The local food is so delicious that your mouth will burn but you can’t stop eating. Everything is so perfect about Thai food when it comes to street stalls. Thai street stalls usually offer tap water with ice or clean water bottles (which are quite good).




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