Vegetarian Festival Bangkok 2014 – Bangkok Expat Life


The vegetarian festival in Bangkok has it’s history going back 150 years, although Phuket is the epicenter of the festival in Thailand because of the majority of Chinese population is over there. Bangkok has many festivities going around the temples in Silom area. It also corresponds with the Navratre festival in India which also means “Nine Gods”.

Why is it important for Thai people? 

The festival goes on for 9 days from 23rd September to 3rd of October but most of the people would follow it for couple of days because it’s not easy to live on a vegetarian diet or a vegan diet.

The idea of the festival is to cleanse the body and strictly follow a vegan diet & it’s usually common among the Thai-Chinese communities. If you’re a tourist coming to Bangkok during this time, it’s a fantastic opportunity to try and see the vegetarian festival around Silom in some of the temples. People have to wear white clothes if they’re living in the temple during the festival and practice a strict diet along with meditation.

What to Eat during the festival? 

Well, there’s a lot of vegetarian food available everywhere during this festival in Bangkok. Vegan food is usually hard to find on a normal day but during this festival you can easily identify a shop selling vegan food by looking at the yellow red sign.



These signs which look similar to the number 17 represents Vegan food. 7/11, Family mart and every other shop around the corner will stock vegan frozen food.

What Thais believe if they eat Vegan diet?

Thais believe especially the working class that they won’t have energy to work if they change to a vegan diet because of the lack of proteins in it.



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