Plastic Surgery Thailand – Before and After Wonders

In the last 5 days there has been a lot of talk about plastic surgery in Thailand – Thai people especially girls love to get a makeover, boobs implants, nose job etc. Very soon the notion about Thai girls having a beautiful face will fade away. This is just the beginning of being artificial.

Thai Girls are pretty but why do they need plastic surgery to make them more beautiful is something to ponder. Maybe they want to be a perfect girl, maybe they want to be a girl!

Bangkok has been an awesome place for medical tourists because Thai hospitals have been accredited with international organizations giving a sense of comfort to foreigners who come here for a surgeries and other medical purposes. 

The stories: 
  • Two Thai Girls were selected by a Korean TV program – “Let Me In”. The girls were given nose job, boob job, eye surgery and a jaw bone adjustment. 
via bangkokcoconuts
  • The other one was completely changed from a wacky fat boy to a beautiful, hot & sexy girl.
[wpsocialite] via bangkokcoconuts

  • Emmie Thai maxim model getting a double boob job for her lovely boy friend. (What a great gift). She has done many plastic surgeries in the past. 

Famous models in Maxim, FHM get boobs implants, nose job, jaw adjustment to qualify and become popular only because of their body not because of brain and body. Maybe that’s why Thai girls have never won or have once won a world title. It’s sad but I guess the tsunami has just struck the shores and it’ll take with it a lot of girls.

I believe Thai girls are pretty they should be happy & confident with whoever and whatever they’ve got rather than getting plastic surgeries to grab more attention from others but who’s going to tell Thai girls about it.

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