The Yellow Town in Bangkok – Chinatown Vegetarian Festival

via Miguel De Tena

Chinatown during the vegetarian festival is changed to a yellow town with food stalls selling almost everything from the most healthy Thai dishes to the most unhealthy fried ones – But there is one thing common that they’re all vegetarian.

For all those, who think that Thailand is a Buddhist country and finding Vegan food is easy, then forget it guys, it’s very hard to find one but this festival you can find it almost each and every corner. Vegetarian food stalls are lined up everywhere in Bangkok especially Chinatown being the centerpoint of all the activities has hundreds of food stalls lined up on both sides with dishes costing $1.50 or more.

The Yauwarat road (Chinatwon Bangkok) is shut down for the vegetarian festival as the crowd comes in huge numbers to make merit, enjoy the food and tourists and travelers getting a unique experience of Bangkok (The yellow city).

It’s a great way to know about the city and the flavors of Thai food. Street food might not be a good start for you if you’re coming to Bangkok for the first time – this is best for people who have come to Thailand in the past.

Monks, people walking with a candle on the streets show their passion and devotion for the festival. This festival originates from the Chinese and Hindu custom to cleanse by body by consuming only vegan food.

Business in Chinatown goes as usual for some people.

via Miguel De Tena






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