Bangkok Shopping – Siam Square (What to do there)


Planning a trip to Bangkok and don’t know where to hang out in a cool, hip place. Siam square is a student’s street with endless number of shopping stores, restaurants, private institutes and whatnot. Recently, Hello Kitty store has recently opened in Siam Square with many people queuing outside the store everyday to take pictures. (Asian thing)

Hello Kitty store in siam square bangkok

Bangkok shopping centers is heaven for girls and Siam Square is without doubt the best place to find almost anything not just for Thais but also for tourists.

How To Get There?

The fastest way to get there is by the Sky Train. Get off at Siam Square station and you’ll find Siam Square on one side and Siam Paragon (the biggest mall in Thailand) on the other. Siam Square will give you a better idea of the locals, students, Thai shopping style etc.

Or you can take a taxi if you don’t want to use the sky train.

What Kinds of Stores are There?

Siam Square has all kinds of shopping stores for girls – Shoes, dresses, local brands, branded items, hippy clothes, cosmetics, laser clinics, restaurants and nail polish shops. You name it and they’ve it. It’s a hang out place for students in Bangkok and why not because there happens to be many private schools in that area as well along with the top university and school of Bangkok. (Chulalongkorn University and Satit Chula school). All these different businesses run in the same area making it an “must-go” place for visitors, locals or expats.

Siam Square Street View

Siam Paragon, MBK Mall and Central World

Looking for branded clothes, shoes etc go to malls which are 5- 10 minute walk from Siam Square.


Thai style food courts with icy cold drinks available in every corner of the street at a reasonable price. Are you a tourist and want a glimpse of street food with a hippy crowd then check out the food places in this area. It’s quiet cheap, but, if you’re looking for some fancy food then I might suggest some seafood restaurants or restaurants in Siam Paragon (across the street to Siam Square).




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