ChinaTown Bangkok – A City of it’s Own


chinatown bangkok

Chinese migrants first settled in Yaowarat Chinatown Bangkok. Chinatown is not just one road but consists other roads as well like Sam peng, Charoen Krung road, Songwat road, Mungkorn road, Chakrawat road. Chinatown has two dimensions in which it completely transforms itself.

  • Morning Chinatown¬†
  • Evening Chinatown

Chinatown wakes up early in the morning with small traders riding the old classic Vespa scooters packed of items to be traded. People buy items from Chinatown at a cheaper price and sell that in the city center (which is not too far from there). Chinatown has many small and big markets in the morning – one of the famous market is:

How to Get to Chinatown Bangkok

The Yaowarat road is Chinatown.

Chinatown Bangkok doesn’t have MRT (Underground) or BTS (Sky Train). The closest MRT station is Hua Lampong and then you can take a bus or tuk-tuk to Chinatown which should not be more than $2 – $3.

Although, other ways to get to Chinatown is by boat taxi the Chaophraya boat express. Get off at the Ratchawong peir and walk towards Chinatown which is about 15 minutes from there.

Chinatown Sites

  • Wat Mangkon Kamalawat – It’s in the heart of the Chinatown. The temple has been there since 1871, therefore holds significance among locals and Chinese.
  • Wat Chakrawat – The temple is not too far from the Ratchawong pier. It has Buddha footprints shrine and also a pond which houses two crocodiles.
  • The Old Siam – The old siam building is famous for ka-nom chin ( chinese snacks ). You will find clean and friendly shops offering Thai food as well as western food. The old siam department store has many western stores like KFC, MC donalds etc.
  • Phaharat – The little India town is crowded, chaotic with many Indian restaurants in small alleys. India Emporium a small department store where you can buy all kinds of Indian dresses and on the top floor is a food court with Indian food.


Khlong-Tum – Electronics Market

electronics market in bangkok chinatown

This market has all kinds of cheap electronics products and you might fancy walking around this area as you might find some item of your interest. They have all kinds of electronics from hair straighteners to games to Televisions. You name it and they have it.


sampeng market chinatown

Chinatown has many small markets in the alley crowded with people. Sampeng is a famous market in Chinatown which has almost everything related to what a women wants from bags to shoes to snacks available on every corner.

Sampeng market has got household items, kids, food and what not. You name it and they have it. You will find clothes in some shops and in some you will find items for mobiles. There is endless number of things to shop from Sampeng. A must to go place of you are visiting Bangkok and are looking to see the old style traditional Thai traders.

Small & big garment, textiles shops in Chinatown are available in some areas where you can buy Thai silk and other traditional items.

Gold Shops

gold shops in yaowarat bangkok

Gold in Thailand is the second best quality in the world after Dubai so if you like Gold then there’s no other place better than Chinatown Bangkok where you can trust the sellers. They sell good quality gold biscuit or any thing related to gold.

Drinks & Food


Chinatown Bangkok has both expensive as well as inexpensive streetvendors selling anything from seafood to a typical Chinese dish.

As there are many shops in Chinatown, choosing the right restaurant is the hardest part. Choose the restaurant that has the most number of locals eating, look for long queues. People might have problems in understanding so try using signs and they would be able to understand.

Street vendors sell icy-cold healthy natural drinks like coconut water, orange juice, pomegranate juice etc.

Street vendors come in their pick up trucks late afternoon and set up their shops on the side of the street. It’s a colorful experience as the chairs of every restaurant is a different color. Top quality Thai cuisine is available in Yaowarat (Chinatown). There’s no other place as good as Yaowarat to eat authentic Thai-Chinese cuisine.

Expensive restaurants with food as unique as bird’s nest that cost somewhere around $80 is also available.

Fruit Sellers

fruit sellers bangkok chinatwown

Fruit are awesome in Thailand and Chinatown has many street vendors selling fruits or street shops selling packaged fruits from apple to papaya to pomegranate. Huge varieties of top quality tropical fruit is available in Yaowarat (Chinatown Bangkok).

Hookers / Nightlife

Chinese hookers not Thai-Chinese but Chinese hookers from mainland China are available and of course Thai girls. The cost is around 1200 baht to unlimited – depends on how much you can spend. They give you a hotel room for short or long time depending on what you want.




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