How to Find a Job in Thailand


Are you planning to move to Thailand and find a decent job. To be honest, it’s not easy to find a job in Thailand simply because as an expat you need to be fluent in Thai. It’s a painful task to find a good job in Thailand. Don’t worry I’ll give you some websites where you can find jobs in Thailand.


It’s one of the most popular websites among expats and English speaking Thais. You can find high-end jobs in Thailand especially Bangkok. Most of the jobs require you to be fluent in Thai but like I said there are still few companies who hire foreigners in management positions if you have the right skills.



You can’t ignore LinkedIn in Thailand as well, even though they do not have Thai language its used by many recruiters who are looking for foreigners or English-speaking Thais. Go an extra mile and e-mail recruiters via LinkedIn.

A popular job seeking site for Teaching jobs. Expats end up in teaching jobs in Thailand and this is the website where you can find all the information. They also run a blog where you can find information about Thai food to Visa to teaching jobs to teaching materials etc.



Don’t forget to check Craiglist – so many jobs are posted for free in Craiglist and you never know when you find the right contact that can get you a kick start in the kingdom. CRaiglist is most commonly used to find part-time jobs but if you can manage to get two decent part-time jobs then it’s a good start in Thailand. Finding a job for foreigners is a pain in an arse if you can’t speak, read or write Thai.


Facebook Groups – DSBKK, Bangkok Expats and Job-Seekers

DSBKK and Bangkok expats group are popular in Facebook. People ask almost everything in these communities. With more than 22,000 people (as of October 2014) and increasing at a rapid rate because of the success rate. People ask sall aorts of questions and sometimes jobs are posted as well. It’s a good idea network with the expat community of Thailand. It might help you in your job hunting process.


BKK Meet Up

This website has many activities from running to web developers meet up where you can contact like-minded people.It’s a great community to meet up people and increase your network in Thailand.

Happy job hunting and stay positive.


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