Life in Vientiane for Foreigners and Applying Non B Visa


victory gate vientiane laos

Vientiane is close to Nong Khai (north-west city) of Bangkok. There are three options to get there:

  • Air
  • Bus
  • Train

Going by air is the easiest way as you don’t waste any time and go straight there. Make sure if you fly at night time you have prior arrangements of a hotel booking and taxi ride. A hotel night could cost somewhere between $30 – $40 and a taxi ride would be around $10 – $15.

If you are a backpacker, the best place to live could be the city center by the river Mekong (Actually that’s a foreigners place) at Vientiane Backpackers Hostel. It’s for $5 a night and they have free access to internet and also motorbikes and bikes to rent.

These guys have reasonable price to do almost everything a Farang (foreigner) needs in Vientiane from Visa support to bus transport to other cities of Laos like Luang prabang, Pakse etc. Booking airplane tickets to other countries are also possible. The best possible country to go could be Vietnam or Thailand as there are many airplanes going to these countries. The other ways to get to these countries is by Bus or train and it’s best to make your plan prior to your trip and make booking at least a day in advance.

They can do pick-ups and drop from & to the airport at a reasonable rate. The going price is between $7 – $10.


Renting price of motorbikes and bikes in Vientiane:

  • Bicycle: $1.5
  • Motorbike: $10 – $15

There is just one road in the whole Vientiane where foreigners hang out and it’s by the river Mekong. Thai restaurants, Lao food, Thai/Lao massage (not soapy massage), bars and pubs, discos etc – All are in this road. It’s completely different from the lifestyle in Thailand.


Price for massage per hour in Vientiane Laos

  • Lao Massage/Thai Massage – $6
  • Foot Massage – $6
  • Oil Massage – $10
  • Aroma Massage – $10


Tuk Tuk rides in Vientiane Laos


Tuk Tuk rides in Vientiane are the worst thing that I could imagine. Tuk-Tuk rides are supposed to be inexpensive however, in Vientiane it’s the opposite probably because they just rip foreigners off. Tuk tuk drivers get really aggressive – for a kilometer they will charge you not less than $3. That’s the minimum price for them.

The best way to travel in Vientiane is renting a motorbike or a car. You just need to deposit your passport (make sure you get a photocopy of it before you do that). The prices are given above.


Bars, Pubs & Hookers in Vientiane

There are so many bars and pubs by the river Mekong in Vientiane. Beer Lao is the best way to start your trip in Laos. Beer Laos is the most famous thing in Laos you can get hold of. If you want hookers then I guess you should speak Thai and unfortunately it’s not a good idea to find them visa tuk –tuk drivers if you can’t speak Thai.

Hookers could be found at a reasonable price from $30 – $40 including the hotel but it’s going to be a weird long ride to get to those places where people don’t see many farangs (foreigners). You would find people staring at you but it’s good to try all this, see and explore the other side of Vientiane visited only by Laos people.


Applying a Non Immigrant (Non B) Visa at Thai Embassy

There are different kinds of visas that you might be applying. If you are applying a Non B visa from here make sure you have collaborated well with your solicitor who prepares all the documents for you. It takes 3-4 working days to get a Non B visa which is valid for 90 days and then you can get a work permit and extend your non-immigrant visa after 90 days in Bangkok.

The best person to help you in this process is your or company’s solicitor. Here is the list of possible documents that are required to get the non b visa:

  • Copy of your passport
  • Two photos size 2.5 inches
  • Copy of Academic Degrees (only if you have studied in Thailand in auniversity)
  • Invitation letter of the company
  • Copy of Commercial registration certificate. (Ask your new office)
  • Copy of company’s affidavit
  • Copy of company’s shareholders
  • Copy of memorandum of company
  • Copy of company’s latest income tax statement (Por Ngor Dor 50 for previous year).
  • Copy of company’s VAT registration (Por Por 20)
  • Copy of company’s balance sheet
  • List of foreign workers in the company
  • Phor Ngor Dor 91 personal income tax for previous year for you (if you’ve worked in Thailand before)

It’s impossible for a foreigner to prepare these documents and the best people/person could be a law firm or your company’s solicitor. They will prepare all the documents for you and make sure you come back to the motherland.















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