Thailand Forward 2025


Thailand plans to be a developed nation by 2025


general prayut thailand minister
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Thailand Forward 2025 is a campaign started by General Prayut who came to power in May 2014 has long visions to make Thailand a developed nation by 2015 – it’s a tough task for the Thai government but they’ve made a bold step. Thailand has to improve a lot of issues within the country especially with the corruption and human rights issue a major cause for Thailand.

General Prayut believes in 12 core values for every Thai/person to follow: (via bangkok post)

  1. Love for monarchy
  2. Show gratitude to parents, teachers and guardians
  3. Being honest
  4. Preserving in learning
  5. Nation and religion
  6. Having strength against greed
  7. Being patient towards others
  8. Converse Thai culture and share values with others
  9. Show respect for elders and the Law
  10. Live by His Majesty’s economic sufficiency philosophy


General Prayut spoke in it’s weekly “Returning Happiness to the People” and remarked about Thailand and all Thais to join hands to make Thailand a developed nation by 2025 just the same as Malaysians had a vision to make it a developed nation by 2020.

Foreign tourists has drastically decreased because of the political unrest in Thailand and the government is working hard to improve the standard of tourism and make it easy for travelers to enter Thailand.


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