Is Your Line Messaging APP Monitored in Thailand?


is your line app being monitored

Your line messaging account might be monitored. Although, the giant messaging APP said in a statement “We don not allow third party to monitor, censor as the privacy of the users is the top priority”.

ISPs in Thailand are allowed to monitor and censor content that threatens national security. The Thai police cyber department is following a proper process flow to track not just Facebook but any website that has content related to it.

Furthermore, people can also report content to The South Korean company denied the facts and mentioned that all the data is encrypted and impossible to monitor, however LINE has faced the same problems in China in 2011. LINE chat traffic data is sent unencrypted over 3G network and people with data interception skills can obtain the data easily.

LINE is again questioned because of its data encryption policy and now it’s time to wait and see how LINE will play a role in this.


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