Platinum Mall Bangkok – Shopping in Bangkok


The Platinum fashion mall is located in Pratunam, Bangkok, which specializes in fashion clothes and accessories retail and wholesale. It is a six-storey complex packed with around 1200 shops. Air conditioned, clean and easy to get around. Prices falls on reasonable side but your bargaining tactics will be of full use here.

platinum mall bangkok

Location and Transportation (Map)

The mall is on Petchburi road, next to Pantip Plaza, a 10 minute walk from Ratchathewi or Chidlom BTS sky train. The lanes in Platinum are narrow so this means weekends are worst time to visit, as the crowd will be slow moving. The best time would be on weekdays around 9 am when it opens and most of the shops start getting close by 7 pm so it’s better to be there by day time to explore as much possible.


It is a shopping paradise for women; women can basically get everything here. Especially for young girl who are looking for in budget fashionable clothing. Each of the six floors is dedicated to fashion items like hats, accessories, bags, shoes, belts, cosmetic and clothes. On the bad side, none of the shops allow you to try on clothing, so you have to be sure that you can fit in it. Although pants, shorts and dresses can be hard to grab without trying it, but simple items like tank-tops, T-shirts, shoes and jewelry will be much easier.

The clothes shops operate on the principal that buying one piece is a retail sale and will get retail price, but buying three pieces is wholesale and the price you pay will be 20%-30% lower per piece.


There are plenty of options with food as well, even though you won’t get any high class restaurant to sit on and relax but you will find varieties like Mcdonald, Dunkin Donuts, and Baskin Robins. It provide with a small food court where you can get different taste of thai local food. As it’s more of wholesale center for all the shopping so it’s a bit on lower side with restaurants.

Bear in Mind

You won’t be allowed to try on your clothes so make sure you’re careful while buying it. The sellers can communicate well in English and some words in Russian, Hindi, Urdu because of the tourist influence over there.

Platinum Fashion Mall is perfect for those who plan to do some serious shopping and browsing. You can easily spend half a day here, so wear comfortable shoes, bring lots of cash and have a great time!



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